Monday, October 20, 2008

It has been a Manic Monday!

Yesterday Livi was running through the kitchen with just socks on her feet. Chasing balloons in socks and a tile floor don't mix. After wiping out and hearing a slight crack, Livi couldn't walk. Not only couldn't walk, but couldn't put pressure on her foot at all.

Thank goodness Grandpa was still here. He is a pediatrician. He looked at it and said it was either a sprain or a hairline fracture. We gave her some Motrin, took a wee little nap (I think I wanted the nap more than she needed it!) By the evening it still wasn't getting better. Livi loved being carried around as well.

I honestly thought she was just being the drama queen that she is and can be. But this morning, she still couldn't put any pressure on it. It is also a little swollen and bruised. OOpppss, start filling out my Mother of the Year application right now.

(Insert a little note here: Of course Husband left for a TDY this morning in the wee hours as well. TDY=Military speak for Temporary Duty.....meaning he is doing his job someone where other than KY for the time being....until Thur). So of course Husband isn't here to share the joys of taking our baby to the hospital for her first x-ray. What is it with husbands being gone and some minor emergency happening?? I swear it happens EVERY single solitary time!

But on the upside, I was so thankful I called for an appointment and got in first thing this morning. I dropped Will off at school. My in-laws stayed in town for a few more hours to get Will if I didn't get back in time. Of course I didn't, so he got picked up in the big ol' honkin' motor home. You know he loved that!

Four hours later, we are home. It only looks like a bad sprain for now. She is not too happy about skipping gymnastics....but what can she do but roll down the incline mats! So we will head over with her Leapster while Will does his class.

So for a few more days, she will continue to be carried and toted from room to room and be treated like the true princess that she is......happy Monday y'all!

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How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning? Depends if I wash my hair or not...I only wash it every other day. Washing days...40-45 minutes. Non-washing days...20. I lay my clothes out the night before. I do the same routine in the same order every single day!
ps, totally read this wrong.....get out of bed....if a kid hasn't gotten up at least once in the middle of the night, I get right up. Otherwise, my name is Tommie, I am a snooze-button hitter. But just once!

Do you usually sleep on one side of the bed or another? Always the side closest to the bathroom...always have, always will.

Something you wish to accomplish before the end of the year: get caught up on Livi's baby book....yes, it is still not done and she is four!


Joanna said...

How cute that her toes are all pretty. Livi - motrin, Mommy - glass or five of something chilled. :)

CrackerJacks said...

Izzy had the same thing happen to her in July. We did the same thing EXCEPT after a day and a half on motrin and a wrap she was still pretty bad and not walking. I took her to another doctor with the original xray in hand. Even I could see the hairline fracture. She was casted for 4 weeks. It's in my archives somewhere. LOL!

I know how bad it must feel for her and you too. I hope she gets better soon and can return to gymnastics.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear it wasn't a fracture. Now I'm super nervous...toddler LOVES to RUN all around our travertine downstairs and in socks. She's the kid that cries if her socks come off unlike the children that constantly tug on them to get rid of them. Uggghhh Taking them off NOW! lol


Susie said...

Congrats on the first ever x-ray! So sorry about the foot though--that totally blows:( At least her foot looks adorable! (love the shoes)

Happy Manic Monday! Glad to hear you survived!

tommie said...

susie-they are Pedipeds. They are awesome. They come with this insert that you put in the shoe when they are a little too big, so you get a little more wear out of them!

megz_mum said...

Oh-oh! We always seem to have emergencies when hubbie is away also. How does that happen!
I hope she is a good patient for you - I find the not-so-sick but not-really-better stage very challenging

Monica said...

Oh, poor baby! We all have those "mom" moments, so don't worry. In fact, there will probably be many more. Hope she gets better quickly!

Brandt! said...

Ahh .. Livi's first! Don't feel too bad about waiting ... I waited 3 days before we all admitted that Noah's wrist was broken!!

AVT Coach said...

Looks like you have some great pictures to mark this occasion. So lucky grandpa is a pediatrician!!!!
Sprains hurt just as much as a break, I am so sorry for her injury. I hope she does milk it for all it's worth...a mild injury..hmm..lets see..mommy would you get me a drink...could I have some candy...could you throw this I am very sorry for you too! Hope it all goes okay!

TavoLini said...

oh my goodness!! I'm glad that she's okay and that your in-laws were there.

I'm happy that she gets to be carried around like a princess, though ;)

Janet said...

Oh, poor Livi!!! Hope her foot's better real soon :-)

Monogram Queen said...

Poor Livvi I hope she isn't in too much pain. Good thing the in-laws were there!

I always sleep on the right side of the bed :)

Desert Diva said...

I'm so sorry about Livi, but it looks like she will be fine and is enjoying the extra attention. It's good that the in-laws were there to help, even though your hubby was away on temporary duty. Hang in there!

Moi said...

ohhh! I am glad it's nothing too serious............and I guess she's making the most of you can't blame her really...atleast she has the right attitude in life :)