Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday 13.....#36....the letter P

In keeping with the ABC theme for 2008, I am on letter P:

1. pizza: We ordered pizza every Friday when Husband was deployed. The take and bake chain Papa Murphys was our favorite! The kids still expect it, so we have continued this tradition.

2. love Pandora radio

3. Photoshop: have learned the most from my Scott Kelby books.

4. paint: We paint every time we move (even if it is just for 11 months)....totally makes a house a home.

5. planner: I used to use a PDA, but I like paper better.

6. Professional: I could easily be a professional organizer, but I would do it for free!

7. Packing: I keep a packing list in each suitcase.

8. Put: I don't mind packing up and moving to another place, but it does worry me when we PUT our stuff in someone else's hands. Hopefully we can move door to door and it won't have to go into storage.

9. pantry: I usually keep a perpetual pantry, but we are in the use what we have phase since we are less than two months out to a move.

10. paper: I have never been able to keep a paper journal (except scrapbooks), but I love to blog....seems easier somehow.

11. parmigiano-reggiano from Zingermans......three words: TO DIE FOR

12. pasta: favorite is a Greek pasta salad I make: penne, spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, kalamata olives

ten little piggies, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

13. pretty: The last time I got my toes done, the girl said I had pretty feet! I just laughed. Livi has feet exactly like mine!

Happy Thursday!


Hazel Nut said...

Popcorn, what about popcorn. P is a great letter, so many good things start with P. Pretzls, playing the piano....

On a limb with Claudia said...

Hey - what Pandora do you listen to? I have a bunch - of course Breaking Benjamin? How did you know? ;) I love Pandora but you have to monitor it or it gets... scary!

Great list - I think you'd be a great professional organizer. Sooo many talents... so little time.

Happy TT!

Adelle said...

Clever list. Q should make for an interesting one lol
Happy T13!

Janet said...

Wow you have a tan already!!! I did a T13 this week :-)

kay said...

Good list. About the planner, I am with you. I have used the same paper planner since 1988. They document my life, everything from dr. appts, to my children's test dates and grades, to dinner party menus; oh, and did I mention work stuff? Could a PDA do all that?

SJ Reidhead said...

#13 reminds me I need to make an appointment for a pedicure!

The Pink Flamingo

Kellan said...

You do - have pretty feet and so does Livi!

I liked your P list - so fun! See ya Tommie - Kellan

Monica said...

You've probably painted more than me, but I bet I'm pretty close! I just can't deal with the same color year after year.

SandyCarlson said...

PDAs are beyond me. I prefer paper, too. And when you're done with the page, you can put it under your toes and paint them! fun list.

Jennifer said...

Pedicure... the best one of all! I think my last pedicure used almost the same color. It looked so springy to me in the salon.

I am TTing my way through the alphabet too, only with food.

Bethany said...

Great list! I was hoping you'd have pizza and some kind of pasta ;) Happy TT!

Patti said...

Great P's because, well P is for Patti also!
I love pizza and piggies!

B Boys Mom said...

Great P TT! It's fun doing all the letter, good idea. Happy TT

Brenda ND said...

What a fun TT! I like the ten little piggies.

MamaGeek said...

I love the contrast in that shot. And we do the Friday pizza thing too!

just jamie said...

oooh, pretty toes out sunbathing. nice!

and professional orgaizer is what i feel like around here (unfortunately it's not a paid position. kids toys don't count, i guess.)

Moi said...

awww!!! :)