Tuesday, April 08, 2008

flower at the duck pond

flower at the duck pond, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Anna of Anna Carson Photography issued a yellow challenge earlier this week. I knew I wanted to participate. There are these huge yellow flowers at the park the kids play at all the time. Against the blue sky, they are simply striking. Flowers always seem to give me hope.....they are so beautiful and to easy capture a great photo.......which bring me to today's thoughts.

Since we have listed the house, it has been a roller coaster. After the Shine team did their walk through preview they sent us a list of postives and negatives. I am so glad they didn't share this with me the day they did the walk through. I would have burst into tears. Of course they loved all the many things we did....the overall floor plan, my decorating, the large wooded area behind the house, etc. The negatives kind of surprised me.

We have a huge wall in our bedroom that I had family pictures in all black frames with white mats. There were probably 20 of them randomly up there. They said we had too many family pics in the master bedroom.

We also needed to move the water hose to the side of the house. Finally I needed to replace a light fixture in the office. Very simple things that were easy to change.

While getting the light fixture at the light store, I noticed a huge (about 5 feet by 2 feet) rectangle oil painting of some poppies. I knew that it would be our Texas art. I didn't get it as it was over our "don't purchase without running it by the spouse" limit. But Husband happened to run home for a late lunch. I asked him about it...quick agreement it would be great, so off I went back to the lighting store. Who knew they had art there!

So, now that oil painting is hanging in our bedroom on that wall. The family pictures are stored away until out next home. Finally, we have followed their suggestions....so hopefully another family will fall in love with this house we have made our home. We knew it was the house for us as soon as we walked through the door......hopefully some other couple will feel the same way!

The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. - Allan K. Chalmers


Carletta said...

I came by way of Anna's!
Lovely shot.
I did forsythia against a blue sky.
Yellow and blue really work don't they!

Monica said...

Good luck...I'm glad you didn't have to do too much.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it was all easily doable- good luck now!!

Anna said...

Great shot! Flowers are hopeful tommie and yellow is joyful to me.

I am glad that you posted! I am having a lot of fun with this and everyone participating!

Janet said...

I could never, EVER do what the Shine team does for a living. NEVER.

Three things, Tommie? That's not so bad :-)

And that yellow flower made me smile, thanks!

lisagh said...

As usual, your photography skills are most impressive. Beautiful shot!

Wendy said...

We have two daffodils blooming in our back yard today. Spring is finally here!

I've been gone too long! Where are you moving to?

MamaGeek said...

That is a beautiful shot. And I know it's soooo hard to have your HOME (which is not just a HOUSE) criticized in any way. I'm sure it's lovely because just 3 things means it's PERFECT. :)

tommie said...

thanks all....thank you so much! I was just telling Husband that I think I want a new macro lens.....oh, the slippery slope of getting just one more lens!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Yes indeed, you need more lenses! :) I'm certain someone will fall in love with the house. You can't take those realtors to seriously. They know a bit but their IQs are about 40 and their emotional IQ is usually around 2. So.... I'm certain your art is lovely and the photos are beautiful. People either love a house or they don't. It will happen.

Fleur de Lisa said...

That is a gorgeous photo, Tommie. It makes me feel all spring-y inside. :)

I can't wait to see the new painting!

Gina said...

Love the shot! I feel for you in selling your house. I know it can be crazy. I hope it is quick and painless from here out.

Patti said...

See I would get all pissed off at the criticism LOL
Lovely photo and i'm glad you got your painting!

Nap Warden said...

Sounds like the walk through went well! So glad the negatives were minor:)

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

First, BEAUTIFUL flowers, stunning against that blue sky. The weather here has been dicey, and few blue skies to "add" to my photography.

Second...ooooohhhh, poor YOU! Having a house "show ready" is such a challenge, but it sounds like you had many things going for y'all that will help. I've never heard of a "Shine Team", but it makes sense (IF it helps get your house sold).