Tuesday, June 12, 2007

By popular demand....my packing list

This list is part Flylady and part me. Every time we go on a trip I make notes on it of what I should have or should not have taken. Please adapt it to your vacation. This one of for a three day vacation. I keep one of these list in each suitcase in a page protector. As I pack it, I can mark it off with a dry erase pen. I pack the kid's outfits in gallon sized baggies, so they can pull one bag out and everything is there: outfit, underwear, bow, etc.
Feel free to copy and paste it into Word. ***The stuff added in red are what my DH kindly reminded me...Even with him half a world away, I still need him!** thanks husband.

____ask neighbor to bring in paper and mail
____make dog reservation or find someone to take care of her
____clean out dog kennel
____pack dog's food, treats, leash
____ 4 changes of clothes….Pack one set in baggie, put in back seat of car
____ 4 sets of underwear (underpants, socks)
____ 2 sleep shirts/pjs
____shoes (swim sandals, flip flops)
____robes (swim cover ups)
____swimsuits *at least 2 or 3
____swim towels *at least 2 per kid
____ light jacket for evenings

____piggy tail holders
____kids' shampoo
____kid bath soap
____sunscreen, aloe vera spray, solarcain
____hats, sunglasses
____beach umbrella
____Benydryl, meat tenderizer, and vinegar for jelly fish stings
____ swim diapers
____ wipes
____water bottles
____lidded cups: juice and milk
____graham crackers
____rice cakes
____drinks …juice boxes
____ice chest on wheels to lug things to beach
____ wine opener
____sleeping bags
____ beach toys, shovels
____beach tote to haul stuff like floaties
____lawn chairs
____cell phone, charger
____flashlight…make sure it works
____books, magazines
____Hostess gift
____camera, charger
____resort information
____feed, water dog
____let her out to potty
____give key to neighbor who is watching dog
____turn on porch light, set timers
____clear answering machine
____water plants
____check doors, all appliances off
____turn up air conditioning
____post card labels
____post card stamps
____large net bags for dirty clothes
Kitchen Products: if staying in a condo or rented house.
Paper plates, plasticware
Paper towels
Toilet paper
trash bags
plastic baggies
dish towels
dishwashing liquid in handle thingy
hand soap
if grilling, grill tools
is there a coffee pot?
Charcoal, charcoal lighter, matches
aluminum foil


movin'mom said...

I know I know that lists work for most....but it must be my artistic creative side that won't allow me to do it. I remember you saying that you had a great calendar.....I didn't know you were flylady connected. My old blogger friend at Mom Squad was too and she swore by it.

HOWEVER...i am too much of a fly by the seat of my pants girl...and when I create lists i find myself to be very anal about the things on that list. crazy I know....Movin dad is totally a list person and I drive him crazy!!!! For some reason most of my friends are.

tommiea said...

The calendar I use it Flylady's too. When hanging, the month takes up both pages...two weeks on top and two weeks on bottom. So the blocks are big. Big enough for me to write on each square all the places we need to be.

Once you write out a list you like, keep it and that way you never have to start all over again.

The one I use is very old. I add to it every time it seems though!

Anonymous said...

Solarcain, flip flops, charcoal, charcoal lighter, matches, camera charger, zip lock to keep sand out of camera, bunny, sippy cups, wine opener, beach toys, shovel, aluminum foil (for covering grill or cooking veggies)


tulipmom said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm off to copy, paste, adapt, and print.

Gina said...

Totally me. I'm the list girl. I'm also a flybaby too. She rawks. Have a fantastic vacation.

Tammy said...


Anonymous said...

I love that you have got all the pracitcal stuff, and he remembered the fun tid bits... I wondr which are more essential though?!

Kerry said...

I love how you put piggy tail holders!! Too cute! Thank you!!

tommiea said...

jd's rose- You just summed up our entire relationship. I am always the one who is planning something, but he brings all the fun!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Perfect list...thanks for this!

patti_cake said...

I am a list-maker you you HAVE ME BEAT!