Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eat well, stay healthy, feel great

Most Saturdays a few of the neighbors get together at someone's house. Neighbor S usually makes California rolls. A few years ago Mike's sister Mary got us a sushi kit with all the dishes and stuff to make it. Mike made some and they were forward to now....the stuff has been sitting in the pantry (the dishes not the ingredients) for some time. Since Neighbor S has this down pat, I decided to give it a try. I made a simple roll with crab. That is pickled ginger on the top with some wasabi. It was pretty good. I have to say I impressed myself.

So once the kids were settled in for their afternoon naps and rest time. I sat down with my favorite magazine and just enjoyed some quiet "me" time with my California rolls. Had it not been 1 o'clock in the afternoon, I might have had a glass of wine....I wonder what wine would go with a CA roll??

It was very nice to relax and enjoy a good lunch. All too often I get caught up in what I call kid meals...PB&Js, mac and cheese, pizza bites, anything that can be dipped in ranch or honey know the meals that toddlers eat.

Finally, Will's bento-like lunch for this week: Looks like a demented old man to me...but he liked it when he saw me making it. I couldn't get the fruit in the box, so I will just add them to his lunch box. But the face is a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, raisin mouth, pickle eyes, carrot hair, cheese hat and a brocolli nose. Chop up some pickles and throw in some grapes....wallah...a fun lunch.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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tongue in cheek said...

Sushi is such a creative dish, I love watching how it is made, but I must admit, I do not like the taste!