Monday, January 29, 2007

Just smile for me, baby!

Okay, I felt bad that last week I didn't even have a picture of Will....well, here is a sample of how most of his pics are most of the time! Lovely...can't you smile just a little bit? No really, just a smirk even..?? Okay, I will let you play with your friends! He was so excited the little boy next door came over to play with him. This is the one that wanted to make the reindeer cookies the other day. It has been nice enough in the afternoon that the kids can go outside. We have that monster play structure out there, so they love it! I didn't realize he or the neighbor kid knew how to get the sandbox part of it open....only when one of them came in asking for water did I wonder what was up! Insert whiny voice here, "But we want to make a sand volcano!!" Ugh....No, it's not that warm.
So this morning, I tried one more time to get a decent pic of Will....can you see his new haircut? She did cut it rather short, but it looks good. The kids and I drove over to the PX on post to get it done. I had tried the one in Walmart, but they just don't do as good of a job. I thought I might attempt to save some money and cut it myself. I know he uses a 4 on top and a 2 on the sides. But after this girl got done with him, she said..."Next time tell them, 4 on top, 1 on bottom, and fade a 2 and 3 in the middle. Uhhmm, yeah, okay....maybe it worth the $7. Sounds a little more complex that just taking a little off the top!

Today Will didn't want to go to school. He had gotten up at 6AM, so by 8 he was well into playing with all his toys. We rotated to the "Planes, trains, and automobiles" this weekend, so he hasn't even played with all of the "new" ones. So I told him I would let Livi go in his place today. That didn't set well with him or Livi. I said that I would call Mrs. Coble and let her know that Livi would be coming in his place. She looked at me and said, "No, I want to stay with Mommy and go shopping!" I guess we go to Target one time to many after we drop off Will at school! Here she is looking at me like I have lost my mind even suggesting she give up the life of luxury.

By the way, our muffin Monday for today was lemon-raspberry with a struesel topping.. Two thumbs up !!

Just another day in the same ole life of us....

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tracih said...

can I get Monday muffins and pizza. I want to be your neighbor. I called this weekend.