Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 9, 2007

Hey there all...I know, a day late and a dollar short. I was totally pooped yesterday. I have been doing my volunteer hours at Will's school. (At the beginning of school, you have to pay $200 for a service fee. If you volunteer 20 hours during the school year, you get this money as a credit in the last month's tuition.) I have a big whopping 4 hours. They just purchased six of the tables the kids got for Christmas, as well as this kitchen:

Little did I know at the time this kitchen was in the stack of those tables. Those tables take 10 minutes to put together....even with the kids "helping". Over the last two days I put all the tables together, the kitchen, and sewed red gingham curtains to go on it. Whew hoo, I am now half way done with my service hours!

Mike sent us a picture of him eating dinner. I printed out the picture and hung it at his chair at the dinner table. The first night I did it, we were all clearing the table and Will said, very seriously, "Mom, Dad didn't finish his dinner." It was so funny! Then Livi went over to ask him if he wanted a popsicle after dinner. She said, "Were you good today? Only kids who are good get popsicles." I wonder how many times she has heard that??

Mike wanted me to teach Will to use the camera so more pics of me could be in the updates. This is actually one of the first ones he took....not bad I guess. This kiss is for you, husband!

Here is the first one he took: Livi is saying, "No cheese!!"

Finally, Livi is very much into imaginative play now. While Will was in school this week, I heard her playing with all those stuff animals she loves to pull out of that bin. She had them all paired up as "moms, dads, and kids". She dumped some bows out of this basket to make a bed. She lined it with some old monogrammed burp towels I just haven't been able to toss out. I don't know if you can see, but each monkey has a juice box from those wooden sets from Target. Also each has a plastic cup by their head. Then she used bunny to cover them up. I could hear her saying, "Now hush your mouth it is time for sleep.....(pause) ohhh, okay, I'll turn on your music.....(another pause)....and that light is too's hurting your eyes. I'll turn it out for you...."MOM, TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, THE KIDS ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!" Then she started hush little baby....with words pulled straight out of the air.
It really is funny all the little things she makes up to amuse herself while Will is at school.

I hope all is well with you....happy Wednesday!


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