Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16, 2007

Hey there all....we are freezing our patooties off here in TX. Will didn't even go to school today. It is so cold!! Here is a picture of Will getting ready to go out to deliver our muffins on Monday. Each Monday we bake either a muffin....or on this day we baked zucchini bread....and share them with the neighbors. Now most of the neighbors come running when they see us head out the door on Mondays.
The bread was really good, but here is what Will thought of it. He started to say, "Yuck" but he caught himself and said, "No thank you....Livi, do you want my zookie bread?" Of course the carb-loving Livi jumped on it. This batch made four mini loaves, she ate 3/4 of the loaf I kept for us.

This last weekend, I knew it was going to be a cold one. I saw this cool terrarium in a Lowe's ad. The kids and I put them together ...it was really simple. But I did prick myself on one of the cacti. I put them in my bathoom window. I felt very Martha when we finished. Here are the kids finishing up one.

A view of the bathroom ....A close up of one...it is just a plant saucer, with a tiny plant, river rocks, and a lamp sconce..(Livi broke one, so that is why only two of those have one....I guess we will be making another trip to Lowes!)

Speaking of the cold, here is what my urns look like now...I don't know if you can see a thin layer of ice over all of it! I am sure the pansies will die, but I don't know about the little evergreen. Shouldn't it stay green forever?? Or is there some disclosure statement about not leaving them out in freezing icy weather?? Who knew it got this cold in TX?

Finally, I hope everyone is staying warm. Oh yeah, we did find out Mike gets to come home the last week of Feb for his mid-tour leave. He will get to stay home two weeks! I think that is almost forty days away!! Whew hoo!!

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