Thursday, January 25, 2007

random thoughts in the PM

I got my canisters from the Southern Living at Home party I went to a couple of weeks ago. I really like them. But I think I am going to obsess about keeping them filled up. Since we bake muffins every Monday, I think I might have a problem. But they are oh so beautiful and they look marvelous with all the stainless in the kitchen. There is a tray that you can order that they sit on, but I think that might be a little over the top.

Have you ever heard of Bento?? Here is a link to my favorite place to get ideas... I decided to try it for Will's lunch. I have to pack a fruit, veggie, protein and carb each day for his lunch. It gets really old trying to come up with something new for him to eat. This one was fairly easy. The rice is leftover from dinner. There is some grilled chicken under the rice. Will likes to think he is searching for "dinosaur bones" as he is digging through his rice. Hey, if it gets him excited about eating some protein! The stems are green beans, the tulips are a mini red bell pepper. A true bento box has a wax covered paper cup, this is just a cupcake cup with string cheese cut into circles. Finally some grapes are at the end. This did not take any more time to pack than I normally spend. I hope that by the time he gets it to the table that it is still identifiable.

Off to watch Grey's Anatomy and Men in Trees. I need some fluff to watch.

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