Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday 13 ....#53

Today I decided I needed a little help writing my thirteen things list so I went to Google and it kindly helped me out. I simply typed in “Tommie needs” and voila!

1. tommie needs to shut it down. We have enough average guys to fill his shoes right now, we don't need Tommie average. I only wish there were enough people to fill my shoes. I'd put one on dishes, one on cleaning...etc

2. tommie needs to Buy Katie Holmes Maternity Wear.......uuhhmmm only if I get invited to the baby shower!

3. tommie needs to get paid and (s)he deserves his contract. I get paid...I handle the checkbook.

4. tommie needs to decide what he wants to be when (s)he grows up and then grow up real fast. While I never thought I would be a SAHM, I love it. okay, most days I love it. I don't really miss teaching, but I do miss my friends at old CJHS.

5. tommie needs a hug. Totally not a hugger, unless I have had several Coronas. Then I will hug anyone.

6. tommie needs to stay and has earned a lot of cheese. Question is will the Bears pay it? Cheese! Now we are talking....wil the Bears kick in some wine too?

7. tommie needs to eat more in this off season. I mean screw diet soda, screw fat free anything. Tommie, you go out and eat that ...wooahhh, stop the bus. I need my diet DP!

8. tommie needs the help of interested .......interested what??

9. tommie needs to get healthy to excel. Finally one I can agree with!

10. tommie needs to continue to embrace the ...the gorgeous sunsets I see while leaving Livi's ballet class.

11. tommie needs to grab some pine! This must be sports thoughts whatsoever!

12. tommie needs a new chair ...I just got new dining room furniture...chairs, table, buffet, hutch.

13. tommie needs a vacation now and again too! Yeah, what Google said.

I have blogged a "tommie needs" in the past......I am surprised they are a bit different.

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FickleMinded said...

Google always comes in handy buy I used Yahoo! today to research for my Thursday13 list. :)

Adelle said...

Fun list! Gorgeous sunset. Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

Those are some interesting needs. I did this a while back, but it wasn't as interesting. It came out all about pets needing to be adopted.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff! I did 13 different googles on Thorne last week. It was... interesting.

jenn said...

Great idea for a TT! Love the results!

Monogram Queen said...

Hmmmm Patti needs a vacay too. Maybe Google should spring for one for both of us!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Thinks Google meant that you needed a vacation to Colorado! :) A girls weekend - spa and the works. I'm pretty sure. We could call Sergie and I'm CERTAIN he would tell you that was what Google meant.

kandyblossom said... list. I am sure if I asked google, it would tell me that I need to quit eating Girl Scout I'm not gonna ask.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

What a great idea, I'll have to see what 'Julie needs'!

Darla said...

These are so much fun! It's also entertaining to see what Google thinks you should do, what it thinks you want, or what it thinks you look like. :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Clever! Next I think you should google "Tommie should buy ..." and go do it! :)

Janet said...

You're getting paid by BEARS? WOW ;-)

Janet said...

do they pay in in pikanik baskets? ROFL! I crack myself up ;-)

kari and kijsa said...

Happy day! Love these answers!
kari & kijsa