Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My second Thursday Thirteen...

Today I decided I needed a little help writing my thirteen things list so I went to Google and it kindly helped me out. I simply typed in “Tommie needs” and voila!

1. "Tommie Needs To Buy Katie Holmes Maternity Wear": UUhhmmm, only if I get invited to a baby shower.

2. I asked Tommie to post it for me, but I never saw it -- no doubt Tommie needs a vacation now and again too! I'll try to post it again as soon ...This is the truth, but I would rather go with Mike.

3. Of course, TOMMIE needs the right information to start with. No problem. Any suitably authorised person (e.g. a department head) can easily register.....Exactly, who can deal with stupid people??

4. Tommie needs to give Gina the finger… by shifting a hip toward her, licking her fingertip, touching it to her ass and saying “TSSSssssssss! ...Okay, this one totally cracked me up....I do have one of those lifelong friends I talk about named Gina. We have shared many a bottle of wine back in the day....Love you girl, and I would never give you the finger.

5. Tommie needs J.J. needs Poochie needs... Joey needs I need they need we all need to build our own $^&(*(*&^%&^% bridges. Peter Spiro, from "We All Need" .. I am not building any bridges, unless it is from some blocks of Wills.

6. it is still my belief that if the tommie and his (changed to her for my post) parents still want to go to slu, that a place will be held for him (her). but the tommie needs to really want to ...
No, I don't want to go to SLU, I am Sooner born and Sooner bred, when I die, I'll be Sooner dead. Go OU!

7. Tommie needs to do his (her) bio....Maybe I do, I never fill those things out.

8. Methinks Tommie needs a hobby.....EEks, I have one, scrapbooking...but it has been awhile. Maybe this is a sign, you know I am all about signs.

9. Tommie has been experiencing software glitches and has not received appropriate support from the provider. Janice told Bruce that Tommie needs a new chair .....I usually stand at the counter when I blog, maybe I should sit in a chair??

10. Whether it is running his record label or doing collaboration with a world famous artist, Tommie Sunshine needs no introduction to the Electronic Dance ...Is that a version of the Electric Slide?? If so, I am all over it.

11. Tommie needs to work ......I think staying home with two kids is plenty of work.

12. Tommie needs to have a couple of shots taken by a pro who knows how to pull out the best in a person's appearance.....You mean to tell me the ones Will takes aren't pro quality??

13. Tommie, I really love your voice and the way you take on such difficult songs like Whitney Houston, Dion but you really need to work on the look ....Hey hey hey, I am thinking I am all that when I leave the house.


Lauren Dane said...

LOL! THis is a cute one, I have to keep it in mind for a TT one of these days!

Frances said...

What a great idea for a list.
Thank goodness for Google - I use it every day for one thing or another.
Have a marvelous week,

Anne Douglas said...

Thats a good idea for a list!

Viva La Google!

Jerry said...

OK, that's the neatest list idea I've seen yet. Maybe I'll use that idea myself in a week or two, when I don't already have my 13. (I started the next on immediately after posting the last...)

Greetings from some Air Force town in Texas!

Toni said...

That is a hoot! Thanks for visiting me!

Special K Family
Being An Air Force Wife

Wendy said...

Funny stuff! You gotta love Google!

Jessie said...

I sorta copied you ;)

pussreboots said...

Cute list.

Elizabeth said...

Neat idea!

Terra said...

Thanks for the laugh, had more to say but my child says it is her turn for the pc! Happy TT

Danielle said...

I am too busy to do my TT for a few weeks but I remembered today (sunday) that I had wanted to read yours, and this one is great!

Well done!