Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thursday 13- what's in my bag

Kind of taking the easy way out for this Thursday 13....13 things in my bag.

1. grocery list from today's shopping trip

2. wallet

3. iPhone

5. pink Sharpie and black pen

6. handful of change

7. coupon for Michaels

8. business cards for the lady that makes Livi's bows....I get stopped all the time and asked who makes them!

9. Purell

10. sugar free sucker

11. wallet with debit card with a ring with those tags for like Kroger and Barnes and Noble

12. reading glasses

13. red first aid bag with band aids (both Sponge Bob and Dora), Neosporin, a pair of mini scissors, tweezers, girl products
Yeah I am MacGyver like that.....
Want to play: the new thursday-13


Janet said...

Love that purse and the inside is so cool!

Lori said...

Your purse looks like mine!! Happy TT and good luck with

Heather said...

Your bag is so cute!

Adelle said...

You are way more organized than me lol Fun list. Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

MacGuyver! LOL
Up with 13 Thorne-Quirks
Happy TT!

Tink said...

I've done this for a TT long ago, might do it again. I love to peek into other girl's handbags. :)
I've listed 13 pagan webshops this week.

Betty said...

I wanna see Livi's bows! I want to know what it is that makes people stop and ask about it! =)

Carmen Shirkey said...

I'm almost scared to look in my bag, there's so much stuff. :)

two 13s this week at my two blogs.

Monogram Queen said...

Wow you have real mom-bag! I need to re-stock mine in case the need arises or i'll have to turn in my mom-card! :)

kandyblossom said...

Cute idea for a list.

Happy TT!

TavoLini said...

First aid bag!!! I'm impressed, Tommie! I think mine is mostly just full of junk and old receipts :/

Karen said...

It is interesting to see what is in other people's purse. We as women tend to carry the world in our purses.
Great idea!

Desert Diva said...

You're so organized. I want an iPhone too! The first aid kit is no surprise for a mom who has two small children in tow - you're prepared! You're too young for reading glasses. My purse seems to always be a mess - I'm lucky to find my phone! ;-)

Corey~living and loving said...

sounds lovely in there. mine is a disaster. :( ugh!

Cindy Swanson said...

I would do a "what's in my bag" list, but I would have to cop to all the wrappers and worthless receipts that are trashing it up! :)

Great list. Hope you'll visit mine:

gina said...

Cute bag- the one I am eyeing for Spring will be on my blog after midnight. We can only name 13 of the things that are in our "purses"?
1- 2 epi-pen jr.s for Mackenna
2-a coupon for B&N because I am having a grown-up play date there tom. night w/ some homeschooling moms I have met. :)
3-2 lollipops from the bank
4- a pony holder
5- 3 handmade credit card/ med card/ and coupon holders from MushyBug on etsy, they are so pretty I don't mind pulling 'em out to spend money. :)
6- trial size of petroleum jelly- we use it for hands, lips, and cheeks in this cold!
7- a roll of toilet paper- good for blowing noses and in a pinch!
8- a pencil sharpener (my girls often bring pencils and paper with them when we go out)
9-girl products
10-my blackberry Storm. aka my new crush
11- benedryl (children's and adult) believe it or not, we have needed it for unexplained eye swelling and facial rashes in the past!


13- my megamillions ticket- I will win one of these days....

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

What a cool list! I have so much stuff in my purse it's unreal! It's organized, but it's full.

And I'd love to know who does Livi's bows!

Susan said...

I need to have KT read this. She just started carrying a purse and went online to decide what she should carry in it! The kid cracks me up!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I love the bag almost as much as your new haircut T!

On al imb with Claudia said...

I love Bobby Brown - great make up for us brownies. Dude you are so MacGyver - like... totally.