Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photo story Friday- Aging gracefully

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

The ABCs of Aging Gracefully-
A-avoid collagen
B-bloom late
D-dance at weddings
E-eat more chocolate
F-fall in love again
G-go grey
H-hold hands
J-jettison grudges
K-kiss like you mean it
M-mend fences
N-nurture friendships
O-open doors
P-perspire with aplomb
Q-quit whining
R-rekindle romance
S-spoil babies
T-teach someone to read
U-upset convention
V-volunteer to read
W-wear red
X-expect joy
Y-yield gracefully

This sign was on my sister-in-law's island in her kitchen. I took this this past summer during our wild and crazy transition to KY. I thought enough of it to take a picture.....I do try to follow these ABCs. Most of these come fairly easy for me.....

though I did have to look up aplomb. "Perspire with aplomb".....meaning complete and confident composure. So tomorrow when I am on the elliptical, I will make sure I am sweating confidently!

Happy Friday, y'all!


Chris said...

I like "X" -- that's a great way to stay young.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I've seen this before and just love it!

'Wear Red'! :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

love this!

Corey~living and loving said...

I think my favorite one was "S"!
Happy PSF!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Very nice read, I like "W". Wear red. I don't wear enough red.

Desert Diva said...

I've never seen this - thanks for sharing. I'm wearing a red blazer today! ;-)

TavoLini said...

LOL--I like these! I think I'll perspire with aplomb as well tomorrow in my race :)

gina said...

I've never seen this collection before- but I like it!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Wow, that speaks volumes T, I love it!!! How true...

Janet said...

avoid botox, too!