Wednesday, May 14, 2008

six days until the packers come, make that five days....where did I lose a day?

pink wildflower, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Another busy day of trying to get all things taken care of before the move. We have moved five times. After each move, I do an AAR (After Action Report)...I write down what went well, what we should have done, what we didn't need to do.

For example, when we get ready for the packers to come and put stuff in boxes, I put the remote to an item in a baggie. I tape that baggie to say the TV. TV and remote together, it's a good thing. This last move the packers gathered all those remotes and put them in one box. It was one of the LAST boxes we opened. It was labeled "garage stuff"......I guess that packer had a TV in his garage, who knows
So, into the AAR moving file: pack remotes in stuff to take with us! We usually block off one bathroom. Anything that is going in the car with us goes in that room. The kids get to take one tub of toys. We take a handful of kitchen supplies, one set of sheets, towels, etc.
It really has become a fine art. We move through the motions fairly smoothly. This is not to say that it goes off flawlessly, but we have gotten much better.

Mary Alice, a fellow military wife, of From the Front Lines recently told me: Leaving friends is bittersweet. Without the moves we would never had met them in the first place. There are new people that we will share laughter and tears with at the next post. We don't even know their names yet...but they will share our lives. It's kind of great really.

So, like this wildflower gracefully hanging over the edge of the pool, I am going to embrace the simplicity of life, just hang around, and see where it takes us.

so, what would be your best moving tip?


On a limb with Claudia said...

I love this AAR business - what a great idea! I'm just amazed at your skills, Tommie - it's as if you were just meant to be a military wife! :)

Sexy bikini in 6 days! Whoo hoo for sexy bikinis! (Ok, I'll shut up a bit about that.... ;)

Great advice from Mary Alice - still such a transition. ((hug)) I know how much you've grown in Texas - and how hard the next weeks will be. But I also believe that great things are waiting for you in Kentucky. Thanks for bring us along for the ride!

New laptop?

On a limb with Claudia said...

Oh, my best moving tip? Clothing does really well in trash bags. Probably not for the master organizer but for me? It's awesome.

tommie said...

Thanks Claudia. The packers will put all clothes hanging in closets in those wardrobe boxes. The only thing we have in dressers are under clothes, workout clothes, and jammies. That is one benefit of a military move, they send packers to put it all in boxes.

Yes, a new one. I was going to blog about it on Wed, when I thought today was Tuesday! LOL ...I might post again in the AM.

susan said...

Despite growing up as a Navy Brat, we never moved! I was totally unprepared when Shaun's company moved us from San Diego to Seattle. We were forever hunting for things. Although I have to say, being moved sure beat working with a bunch of friends with a pick up truck!

Monogram Queen said...

EVERY time I see the word "Packers" I get excited thinking it's football then I remember Brett won't be quarterbacking them anymore :(

My best moving tip is .... don't do it LOL NOT an option for you. I hate moving with a pink and purple passion. I think you have a really awesome gameplan for it though.

Corey~living and loving said...

I don't envy the I am a exhausted just thinking about it....but I love your attitude. :)

Wendy said...

Wish you had been there to pack me when we moved to...and from...SC. Lost all kinds of stuff.

Moi said...

what can i do to be wise like you?? :)
i havent seen anyone yet who's this calm about a move ....good luck with the move and the new place....