Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PCS Day 2-all boxed up and a little redneck hat

PCS Day 2-all boxed up, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Everything is all boxed up. The poor guy that had the office was in there all day. I really have that space in there maximized to the hilt. We used to have a craft room, a sun room and a play area....all of that was combined into one space here. At least he got to work in the cool house. It got up to 101 degrees today. Yes, that is not a typo...ONE HUNDRED ONE degrees.

I tell you, I will not miss this heat!

Once the kids got home from school, we did a bit of quiet time. As much quiet time as you can surrounded by boxes. Our little adventure out this afternoon was just to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for our dinner tonight. Hey, it killed an hour that would have been spent cooped up in the house. While we were there, Will saw this hat. They have a field day tomorrow and will be outside all morning. Even with sunscreen he will burn if he is not covered. I tried to get him to get a cute little bucket hat. That was not happening. "I am five now, I want a big boy hat!" I guess big boys wear redneck looking hats with seashells along the trim!

While the guys were out in the garage, Will had to drag his tricycle one more time. I couldn't resist taking a few shots.
Will was very interested in where the guys were getting all the boxes ....he wanted to crawl into the back of this truck so bad! That little redneck hat would have had so much fun jumping around back there.

That's all folks, Day 2 is over. So far, so good. The only thing I can't find in our "don't pack" area (also known as the master bathroom) are Will's flip flop Crocs. He was going to wear them for his field day tomorrow. Oh well, at least he has that red neck hat....another thing to remember Texas.


MamaGeek said...

I love love love that shot of him on his bike with his hat. Just getting caught up, I'd say day 1 and day 2 is a smashing success!

Watch out Kentucky, here they come!

Moi said...

:) i can never get enough of your li'l ones , Tommie :)
Will sure has good taste :DDDD
good luck with the move......it's really pleasant in these parts.....in early 70's ...hope the kids and their momma will like it here :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love that hat!

I don't envy your PCS-ing (or miss the days that I did it!)

Hope everything else continues to go smoothly. :)

tommie said...

believe it or not, it is from Walmart....the men's department. It has a little stretchy band in it that makes it fit. It has these little seashells along the band!

CarrieB said...

I have no doubt that your personal effects are all catalogued and neatly packed. You are seriously THE most organized and system-oriented person I can think of! Will you write a book someday to share these tips for sane living with the rest of us?

When do you leave town?

Corey~living and loving said...

looks like it is moving along. tee hee....

love the first hat shot. priceless. :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

I love the hat!! How wonderful. It's not too far off from hubby's cool black hat - I wonder if Will could get a little big boy one. That hat is definitely something you'll have to keep - if only for the embarrassment value when he's 18 years old!

You're doing great! Adventure underway!

R. Kristina said...

Great blog. I had fun surfing tonight... found you via Whittaker woman, via Suburban mom... been here, been there... now here. I noticed you made a comment on Suburban Mom's site re: painting a dining room table. I did it. It promted me to post a site on topic. Check here if interested:


-R. Kristina

Dea Felis said...

I'm with Will on this one - I love that hat! :) Don't tell him, but he looks adorable, um, I mean great. ;)

Dea Felis said...

PS - I have to ask: how many pounds do you guys get, and how many do you use? The reason I ask is that I can't fathom it taking two whole days to pack up the house. Usually they come pack everything and have it out of the apt by noon for me. :p

(Of course, I also don't trust other people to pack my stuff properly, so most of it's already packed when they get here - but it would really only add a couple of hours anyway, since it never really gets UNpacked. :p)

Kerry said...

I am seriously impressed with your moving ability! I would be a mess right now - not you - calm and cool is my guess - right?!

Janet said...

That hat looks absolutely adorable on him!

Monogram Queen said...

I've never heard of that type of hat being referred to as a "redneck hat" LOL

Now my hubs has one with a flashing rebel flag on it. Oh yeah. Classy.

Cynthia said...

You are a very organized mover! Good luck! Could you send me the name or rental company for the beach house you are going to stay at near Galveston? Would love to escape down there in that cute house. Thanks so much!
cgallagher4 at comcast dot net

just jamie said...

You're on fire woman! Good job. I'll be packing again soon, too. Like tomorrow?! You're quite the inspiration.

Don Mills Diva said...

Can't wait to see pics of your new digs.

LOVE your new design BTW.

Wendy said...

Such good pictures!

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