Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PCS-Day 3

PCS-Day 3, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

The only thing the packers did today was build crates for two oil paintings. They also stuck the numbered stickers on the boxes. How many boxes have the guys packed in two days??? Ding ding ding, the exact number is 196. They have left a few open for any misc stuff that is being still used like bedding. They have also left the mattresses on the bed. We will only have to sleep on the kinder mats and air mattress for one night.

A few Q&As from the comments:

Carrieb of Blah, blah, blog asked: Will you write a book someday to share these tips for sane living with the rest of us? Ha, I wish...unless you read this blog, this is the only time I will ever probably write this down. I do keep a "moving/vacation" file, since we do this so often.

When do you leave town? Friday, we are beach bound! Whew hoo!

Claudia of On a Limb: I wonder if Will could get a little big boy one? That black is a Stetson, so I am sure they make little kid's ones. When they were doing Western day at school, he didn't even want a hat, but he did get some little cowboy boots. Livi got some pink ones. They are already too small!

Dea Felis asked: How many pounds do you guys get, and how many do you use? First Dea Felis is the Lieutenant (now former Lieutenant) that took Chance, our kitty that couldn't make the trip to CA with us. For those of you unfamiliar with military moves. You are given a weight allowance of how many pounds you get free. For every pound you are over you are, you are charged. We get 18,000 pounds. I think we used 13,000 pounds on the last move. I pretty much get rid of one thing for every one thing I bring into the house. The only new things we have gotten for this house are that mongo art center in the office and a few decorative items. I kind of went a little crazy at some Southern Living at Home parties. We have never even gotten close to our limit. Since they haven't put it on the truck yet, I don't know the final weight. But I am sure it is close to the 13,000.

Kerry of More, more, more : I would be a mess right now - not you - calm and cool is my guess - right?! Calm and cool?? Fairly calm, starting to feel a wee bit of stress...but not too bad. I am already starting an "AAR" After Action Review (what I will do differently) in my head. A few things have gone wrong, but nothing major. So kind of calm and lukewarm.

Cynthia of : Springmont Cottage Could you send me the name or rental company for the beach house you are going to stay at near Galveston? It is a little town in between Houston and Galveston. The little A-frames as well as many others are managed by Columbia Property . This is our second time to stay with them. The prices are very reasonable. Plus, it is a private beach, so you don't have to fight tourists for a space. Granted it is not anywhere near much else...there is a Walmart about 20-25 minutes away. But to get away and just enjoy the beach, this is it!
Tomorrow all of our stuff goes on the truck. Since we don't even have a house in KY yet, it is going into storage. It is one of the few things I am worrying about. That means it will be handled four times: putting it on the truck here, unloading it into storage in KY, putting it back on a truck once we get a house in KY, then unloading it into our new house (once we find one) there. I don't have warm fuzzy feelings about that. Again, it only reinforces the need to be kind to the packers: feed them lunch, provide a cooler of water bottles....treat them with kindness, they are in control of your entire life belongings!
We will have wireless for one more night, after that who knows what is on the beach??
Happy Wednesday. y'all


On a limb with Claudia said...

I feel like I keep nattering this but.... ((hug)) You're doing great absolutely great. May my blessings carry you through to the other side of this adventure.

Sexy bikini time! :) Whoo hooo!!

Libby said...

I am not going to post a word about our move- it's going to be a complete disaster, I'm positive! Could I hire you as a consultant?

Have a great week at the beach!

tommie said...


Libby-I really shouldn't be bragging, all we do is show up....the military pays for guys to come in, pack it all up in nice neat little boxes, make crates for fragile things, and put it on a truck. Someone even drives it cross country for us. They take it off the truck and even put it in the right room we want it in. If we are trusting enough, we can even have them take it out of boxes..(though I have yet to do this....I am way too controlling to let this need go, to put my own stuff away)

Fleur de Lisa said...

Enjoy your beach time-- you all have earned it!

Janet said...

When you said AAR...I thought it was pirate speak :-)

Have fun at the beach!

MamaGeek said...

SOUNDS fantastic (the beach part that is, not moving). I wish you all the best and enjoy that vacation T!

Wendy said...

Two years later and I still find those stickers on things!

Monogram Queen said...

Yes the packers are definitely on the list of people you want to be nice to! Good luck on the move!