Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy birthday Will and a whole lotta packing

Busy busy weekend around here.

Saturday we celebrated Will's 5th birthday (a wee bit early since we are moving before June 3). We had neighbors and friends over for a party in the backyard. We had the pool, sprinkle ball and a slip-n-slide. The kids had a blast!

A blast from the past four birthdays. I can't believe you are one whole hand now!

This is my favorite pic of him from this year. It shows his personality. He is always trying to sneak up on me or hide from me when I bring out the camera.

After all the party goers left, it was down to business. The kids helped bring down all the stuff from the attic: seasonal stuff, misc curtain rods that didn't get used in this house, a car seat that Will outgrew this year, old teaching materials.....all that stuff that does get used on a daily basis but you still need.

I also keep all the original packaging for most of our breakable and small kitchen appliances. Packed in their original packaging, they are less likely to get broken. We have had excellent moves the last five times (knock on wood)....with no more than a broken glass here or there. We feed our packers, provide a cooler of water, and keep the house cool. I truly think it helps to keep them happy and comfortable!

I also got all of the kids stuff packed. We have things seperated out for the beach, for the time at my mom's, toys for the road, favorite toys to play with until we get all of our stuff.

We got so much done today:

  • confirmation for hotels/doggie spas printed out and put into a folder
  • directions for each leg of the trip printed
  • kitchen stuff we will need immediately
  • gargage stuff they won't pack
  • things taken off the walls
  • all things going with us put into the master bathroom (Note to self: make a "Do Not Pack" sign for that door
  • drain the propane tanks
  • mowed and cleaned the mower
  • clean the grill
  • put all the outdoor kid stuff on the porch

I still need to pack my clothes, but that is it. The people that put all the stuff into boxes will be here by 8 AM! I don't know how often I will be able to post after that....but you know I will be checking whose wireless is unsecured!

Happy week y'all.


Little Town Big Life said...

This is just one more way you amaze me. I just can't bear the thought of moving, and of having my children move, and yet, for you it is a lifestyle. This showcases your strengths! Leaving friends, familiarity, and having to make new ones. Ok, I hope I haven't depressed you!! But I admire you so very much.

Will is just adorable--(Livi is too), but it's his birthday, so wish him a happy, happy day from your blog friends.

Happy Travels!

just jamie said...

I love how organized you are. We entered into our own 30 day escrow as of Friday, so I've got (yet again) a lot of packing to do. whew. You're an inspiration.

Happy birthday Will. Such sweet pictures!

Corey~living and loving said...

Happy birthday big boy. I adore your favorite photo of him. It is a priceless capture. :)

Monogram Queen said...

Will is so handsome! I love it "a whole hand now". Happy Birthday Will!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Hurray for the start of another adventure! I hope this adventure is filled with laughter and fun. You'll be settled in your new home in no time! YES!!

In the meantime, enjoy the beach - fun with hubby and the kids.

Hurray for adventure!

Joanna said...

I have to bow and pay homage to your mad packing skillz! Something tells me you've had a lot of practice.

Have a good time and enjoy the beach!

IamDerby said...

Wow just looking at that makes me tired! You seem to be extremely organized. I love the new look on your blog!

Kari & Kijsa said...

So much work-so well done!!
Check out our post today for a fun freebie magazine offer!!!

kari & kijsa

RJTrue said...

I don't think I've been by to read anything in ages!!! I love the pictures! Hope all is well your way!

MamaGeek said...

I just adore that first shot of Will. What a cutie!

And THAT is A TON of progress. Productivity at its' best, I bet that felt good!

Janet said...

I love that picture of Will peeping around the corner :-) Hope he had a great time!

Fleur de Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Will!

Moi said...

awwww! look at you! a very happy (though belated) b'day, Will :)

MyGoodfFinds said...

Awesome shot of your son. It looks like it came out from a magazine.