Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thursday 13.....#26....the letter F

Following the ABC theme for Thursday 13, I am on letter F :

1. Fairbanks, Alaska: This was our first PCS (Permanent Change of Station, Army speak for moving from one place to the next).

2. Furnished: When we first got there, we stayed in a FURNISHED hotel for almost six months while we waited for housing!

3. Friends: One of the quickest ways to make some FRIENDS is to get involved in whatever activity you can.

4. Formal ball: The battalion was planning a FORMAL ball.....oohhh, it was a FIELD artillery ball (bonus points for FA). I jumped right in and volunteered to help.

5. Full of ice: Remember, it was late November when we got there. Fairbanks, in mid winter is covered in ice. The parking lot the the place where the ball was being held was FULLY covered in ice. (think a huge ice skating rink)

6. Finger: While getting out of the Trailblazer, my gloved FINGER got caught in the door. The door locked, I could not get my FINGER out!

7. Felt: I have never FELT so much pain in my life. I basically went into shock. I do remember someone covering me in the softest cotton quilt. We rushed to the ER.

8. Flip off finger: Basically the entire nail had separated from the nail bed of my FLIP-OFF Finger (more bonus points!)

9. First: Talk about making a good FIRST impression on your new group of potential friends!

10. Fabulous: Here I am looking FABULOUS in my FORMAL gown, bandaged so nicely with my FLIP OFF FINGER held high in the air....."Hi, my name is Tommie, nice to meet you (giving them the bird the entire time)" ***I had to hold it above my heart because the throbbing was so intense!***

11. Freak: I hope I didn't FREAK too many people out....Truth be told, we ending up making many lifelong FRIENDS the three years we were in Alaska. We met all of them that night at the ball.

12. Food poisoning: Speaking of the ball, many people got FOOD poisoning that night!

13. Find: I tried to FIND a picture of the FABULOUS FLIP-OFF FINGER in a FORMAL gown at the FIELD Artillery ball....but there is no photographic evidence of this! I wonder why??

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MondaythroughSunday said...

How horrible!! No pics huh? LOL!

MamaGeek said...

The visual of you flipping the bird in your fancy formal is too much. Dang, no picture? Oh how funny Tommie!

Libby said...

Ferociously funny story, my friend!

SJ Reidhead said...


The Pink Flamingo

secret agent mama said...

I love these alphabet lists! Great Fun!!

queeniep said...

your are such the 'jingle' girl!
Sound like a great way to meet friends.
love the list, hey you could be queen of lists.. hahaha

snow comin our way, do ya miss Okla yet?

Cheeky said...


Jen said...

Having a gnarly flip off finger would give me all the more reason to show it off to people. And I'd possibly show it mostly to other drivers. So what.

Sheesh. I'm actually jealous of your mangled middle finger now. Thanks.

Nicholas said...

#3 is very good advice.

Open Grove Claudia said...

You do such a great job with these. I love the way you tell a story through the thirteen things. That's real talent!

Happy TT!

Mary Alice said...

I totally would have been your friend if I saw you show up in a ball gown with your flip off finger up.... what an ice ball I go to I may just bandage my flip off finger right up, just to have something to talk about -other than where else we have lived and how many children we have!

tulipmom said...

You are getting so good at these! Today's totally paints a hilarious picture.

Meg said...

Funny funny funny! Looking forward to G.

Cheeky said...

Stop by I have a little something for ya

Janet said...

First of all, THANK YOU for saying "ice"! You reminded me I need to go to LL Bean and pick up some Stabilicers I ordered!

And man, that ball was quite an experience, eh?

Patti said...

Oh Oh I am feeling your pain over the finger. I smashed mine in a sliding drawer last week. Ouch.

The Mama Bear said...

I got 3 fingers locked in a car door, the shock hit first and then the pain.
No one could figure out why I wasn't coming away from the car at first.

~ The Mama Bear

Nap Warden said...


suchsimplepleasures said...

fabulously fricking funny!! poor finger!

jennwa said...

What an experience. I can not even imagine the pain you felt. It hurts just thinking about.
I would have loved to see pictures.

KatBliss said...

Fu#$@%@ Funny!

maggie's mind said...

Love, love, love the creativity! Add me to those wishing there were pictures. Ouch! Happy TT.

IamDerby said...

Fabulous Finger story! I was hoping for a picture... I was actually searching for a link... ima blonde

LaskiGal said...

What visuals! I love your foray into the Flabulous Flip-Off Finger fable. Ugh. I tried.

So, did it heal? Does it still "work"?