Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thursday 13......#23....the letter C

For this week. I bring you the letter C ......and can say letter C without singing the Cookie Monster song.......??

I thought I would take you back about ten years ago.....husband and I were moving to Fairbanks, Alaska.

1. Canada - We drove the alCAN -the Alaska-Canadian highway that connects the US to Alaska. I think it took us about 10 days. We could not have done it without The Milepost. It seriously tells you what is happening at each mile!

2. Chance - We took our cat, Chance, and our French Bulldog, Josie with us on this trip. **We lost Chance at the very last stop we made in Canada only to be reuinited him a week later.***

3. Champagne -We took a bottle of Dom Perignon from our wedding with us. We hadn't been married quite one year when we left Oklahoma, so we saved it for our one year anniversary.

4. Cabin- We stayed at Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Lake, British Colombia.....since it was winter and the off-season, NO ONE was there.

5. chef- The owners weren't even there, but the Chef was. He told us what he had in his kitchen...we picked salmon. He made an amazing dinner!

6. Cook - we picked salmon. He COOKED an amazing dinner. **** Janet commented that I already said this....she is having some deja vu......I was going edit it, but I think I will it just for grins and giggles.

7. Cigar - After dinner, husband sat on the porch and smoked a cigar.....most likely a Macanudo Hampton Court. *husband said, "I helped, I am done!" *

8. Check- Because of the Candadian dollar, our check for dinner was more than the cost for staying there for the night

9. Change- We (totally meaning Husband) didn't have to change a tire the entire time UNTIL we got to the Alaskan border. We even traveled on roads that were rock and not even paved!

10. Cell phone- I didn't realize that even though my cell phone was getting service I was being charged more than $3 a MINUTE .... I called the last place we stayed to see if they ever say Chance...don't you know I was honked when I got that cell phone bill!

11. Close- Okay I am really reaching here! We stopped wherever we could.....who knew at the end of winter most places CLOSED for the season. So we stopped at little hole-in-the-wall bar and grills all the time! Most of the time, they let us bring Josie (the French Bulldog) in with us. Since it was so cold outside, we didn't want to leave her in the car.

12. COLD- whew hoo....reminded me of another C....When we left Oklahoma in early November, it was in the low 60's. By the time we got to Fairbanks, it was -40 degrees. Yes, dear readers, that is NEGATIVE 40 degrees. I don't even know what that is in Celsius, but it was dang cold. It hurt to breathe!! It was a one hundred degree difference in temps between the two!

13. CHIPPED: Which brings me to my final C in this little story.....Did you know fake nails CHIP off when you barely bang them on a car door handle? They do! When it is freakin' cold in the great white North!!

I could go on and on about Alaska.....we loved our time there. We made great lifelong friends while there.....off hand, I can think of several couples (hey, another C, I am on a roll!!) without them, I don't know how we would have done it!

Happy Thursday!


MamaGeek said...

I so want to know more about Chance. A reunion? And you had a dog too? Oh all these Tommie stories I can't wait to hear about.

MBKimmy said...

loved this one ... it was fun to read all about you and alaska! Nice!

Sandy Carlson said...

That's a lot of fun. I like the way you told a story with the list. Didn't know that about the nails.

SJ Reidhead said...


the Pink Flamingo

Nicholas said...

It must have been strange, having that big lodge all to yourselves!

btw -40F is also -40C ! True!

Nadiah Alwi said...

You make me love the letter C.


Happy TT!

Janet said...

I had a bout of deja vu reading #6 ;-)

MondaythroughSunday said...

What a great way to tell you story! Very creative!

Libby said...

That's so much fun, Tommie! I like to imagine you running around up there a la Northern Exposure. :)

LaskiGal said...

Very, very cool way to learn more about you! I love this approach. Thanks for sharing!

Don Mills Diva said...

Wow - that sounds like an amazing trip. I'm jealous.

Wolfie said...

Hmm..I can't seem to live without the cell phone now..hehee..

Mary Alice said...

What an adventure. Losing the dog though...aggghh that would have killed me.

Wendy said...

I would like to hear more about Alaska and how you found that cat! This one was a fun one!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Very cool story! I'm curious to know how the cat found you guys, too. Maybe next week?

Meg said...

What an adventure! Thank you for sharing.

Kellan said...

You are way good at this alphebet game - I loved it!! Have a good Friday - Kellan

Kerry said...

A very good friend of mine now lives in Fairbanks - she moved home after a bad marriage - back to her family - back to her peace. She loves it at home.

And I am so impressed with your abc skills!

Patti said...

I just think it's neat that you took that trip. I seriously don't think I have the nerve!

Ashlee said...

I keep singing the C is for cookie, that's good enough for me song!!!! GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!