Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday 13: the letter C

1. Catalog: I received my Hanna Anderssen catalog yesterday. I am loving the rayon Cafe dress. But I am on the fence about that ruffle on the sleeve. Will it annoy me?

2. Crazy face pics, even at the preschool "rodeo days".

3. Crazy: Speaking of crazy, (I am totally using crazy twice!) Yesterday was major crazy. I went from home, preschool, hair appt, cowgirl party, school, dr appt, tae kwon do, PTA...before finally heading home for the evening.

4. Cowgirl pics...What is better than one little cowgirl cheesing it up? Two cowgirls cheesing it up!

5. Camera: I really do need to pic up my camera more. Lately my camera mojo has just left me.

6. Computer: I somehow messed up my laptop while Husband was gone. He was home a few minutes and fixed it. I love it that he has computer skills! Otherwise the GeekSquad would be my new BFF.

7. Cry- I cry at the drop of a hat during that time. It drives me crazy. I cried during "Kendra" the other night!

8. Children: While I always saw myself as a 'three-kid' mom, I now know I was always meant to be a mom for Will and Livi.

9. Cut

10. and Color....I had my appointment yesterday to get my hair 'did'. I can't be letting my gray show through, I still have one in preschool!

11. Caves: We have a trip to see Mammoth Caves soon.

12. Can't: I can't wait, it should be fun.

13. Can: I can see the end of the tunnel with Livi's baby scrapbook. Yes, I said BABY scrapbook. Remember I so so behind on it.

Letter C: round 1

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Corey~living and loving said...

your number 8 reminds me that I answered your question from January over at my blog this week. :)

congrats on #13. I am soooooo not there. sigh....