Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13.....second time around

I have missed doing a Thursday 13. So I am going to start the ABCs again. Without further ado, this is the very first ABC Thursday 13 I did in Dec. 2007.

1.....duh........adams (I asked my hubby these as he wondered in here at 11ish) Our monogrammed silver we received as a wedding gift. It belonged to his grandparents.

2. a spoon

3. has to start with an A....the kids favorite snack

4. how many times you gonna change the rules......he says......

5. aunt Brenda played the accordion

6. it has to be something that has to do With us

7. I didn't ask to be "blog-accosted"...he says, ".i am trying to get a snack and go back to bed

8. apple....I already did apple
9. there is another rule

10...nothing starts with a about animals (PS, this is a picture I took yesterday at Livi's preschool. These animals were glued down to the hood. Even funnier, a grandpa was the one driving it!)

11 ...apostrophe.....Good golly, he is almost done with his creme brule'....he cannot think of anything else that starts with a

12. albacore...okay, he is really reaching now....

13....and the big finale....

I think I am going to start the new year ....okay let's really act like it is the new year .....with the ABCs


On a limb with Claudia said...

I remember this post - and it still cracks me up. The funniest thing is that ARMY isn't in the list. You always crack me up! :)

Monogram Queen said...

Hey girl I decided to put up a short blogpost this a.m. and visit my blog roll. I pretty much keep up with you on facebook. Thank God for facebook! Hope the kiddos are doing well in school. We start Monday but Maddie will be in 4k becuase her birthday is late. She will be 5 in late October. That's ok. We don't mind at all! Postpone the trauma (to mamma) for another year!