Friday, August 07, 2009

Snapshot-July 2009

Snapshot of Thirteen Things during the month of July

1) photo of me: taken with my Iphone: just after I got a cut and color. (Yes, I need some lip color. No, I am not driving, just buckled up!)

2) current candle scents: some Partylite candle, kind of spicy flavored

3) what i am currently reading: I did get the new Real Simple in the mail today.

4) newest music i added to my playlist: does a podcast count? I listen to my old radio station from Texas.

5) movies i saw: We took the kids to see G-Force last weekend. Kind of cute, Livi danced most of the way through it!

6) something yummy i made this month: Cilantro lime shrimp with a corn and black bean salsa.

7) the last place i ate out: Chick-fil-A

8.) something that made me cry: recently...when I was late to pick Will up from his first day of kindergarten ....dang early release! (okay this happened in Aug, but I am totally counting it!

9) something that made me laugh: Livi and her 'princess muscles' . (See post below this one)

10) something i looked forward to this month: hanging with the cousins in OH for the fourth of July. In case you have wondered, this is what a sugar high looks like!

11) something i am thankful for: living close enough to drive up to OH for the long weekend.

12) something i want to remember about this month: These gorgeous pink flowers: the first time I saw them, I thought they were fake flowers. They grow on top of these very straight thick green stalks about two feet tall. A lady had some in her yard in a circle around a lamp post. I wondered why on Earth she would put such fake looking flowers in her yard! Then I saw them in my neighbor's yard! They look so fake, but are so gorgeous!

13) a photo i took this month: My baby girl, lips stained red from eating a "rocket pop", and always with a flower in hand.

borrowed from Janet at Fond of Snape who borrowed it from Dawn


Corey~living and loving said...

great post. loved the last pic.

I know exactly what flower you are talking about. seen them...the stem is sort of dark burgandy, right? so fake looking.

oh and I used to sell Partylite. tee hee

Desert Diva said...

You're looking beautiful and the kids are great!

Janet said...

Those flowers look like bacon! I think I might have bacon on the brain, tho :-)

Princess muscles?

Lovely shots, as always :-)

On a limb with Claudia said...

This is a fun round up! I'm glad you have such a lovely time in OH - great place to beat the heat. I love these photos of the kids. This last one with Livi - she's half beauty queen, princess and 100% girl. More than Will, she's really grown this year. Thanks for sharing them with us.

TavoLini said...

Sounds like a good July! Love that pic of Livi with the flower :)