Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back to school and back to blogging

Will started Kindergarten today. Last week we went to Open House. I really liked his teacher. She reminds me of my favorite aunt (who was a second grade teacher). He knows one other kid in his class from pre-K. So this morning when we were getting ready to go, he was fine. Husband took him. I wondered how many parents Mrs. W had to kick out crying!

Unlike year's past , I didn't cry (yet). I did get a little misty-eyed but that is about it.

Livi is still home with me until Monday. So I did some errands around the house. Then we ran a few errands around town. At lunchtime, Livi and I went to Chick-fil-A. She found another little girl to play with in the playarea. I asked her dad if she was in preschool. He commented, "No, she is in Kindergarten." I must have had a "UGH??" look on my face, because he added, "We live over in such and such county." I knew for a fact such and such county school started today as well. We just drove out there for a playdate yesterday. Immediately he got on the phone with his wife....."oops". I left feeling kind of sorry for the guy. Pook kid missed out on her first day of kindergarten!

Feeling kind of proud of myself for not getting too boohoo-ey all day, Livi and I went home. We dropped off some stuff, then I realized I better to get to school to find a parking spot for 2:15 pickup. We live a hop, skip and a jump from school. On the way out of our neighborhood, I see kids walking home.....WTH?? DANG....I totally forgot early release this week.

Talk about a big ol' honking OOPPPPSSS. Feeling like "mother of the year" I rushed into the cafeteria to pick Will up. Here I was feeling all smug I hadn't cried all day! There were a few other kids in there as well. On the way out, I said to Will, "I am so sorry I didn't pick you up on time. I guess some other moms forgot as well."

He looked around and said, "Nope, Mom, you were the only one!" Yeah, yeah, yeah......Just add it to my mother of the year application.


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

First day of school, wow! I am glad things went so well, even if you were a smidgen late. :) Glad to see you are back too, I missed you!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my....that would have thrown me off kilter. sorry you were late. HUGS!
Glad to see you back. :) I've missed you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they started already? I'll have to start being careful about what time I drive past the schools here. :) Kids in my hometown won't start until the week before Labor Day.

I am still adjusting to the idea of having to drive my kids to school or pick them up after regular school hours. I always rode the school bus, and was regularly threatened with walking to school if I missed it in the morning. But it was safe to do that there. I am NOT looking forward to being in the pickup line. :/ I think I will be parking somewhere nearby and walking over to the school, rather than idling the engine sitting in line.

I hope Livi loves pre-k as much as Will is going to love Kindergarten. :)

Brandt! said...

yeah! Welcome back! Now my blog needs to start up again.. lol
Get ready and make your mother of the year application really really long .. because the fun is just starting!!