Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tuesday with tommie

WHAT I’M READING: can't remember the name of the book...but something is on my nightstand

WHAT I’M WATCHING: Believe it or not, the DVR is empty, so I am watching Dancing with the Stars and House....flipping back and forth to not have to watch commercials.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Josie snoring...(at least she isn't tooting).

Had to add what Will said today. We were outside doing some yard work. Bugs are starting to fly around, one flew very near or in his ear. Swatting at his ear, he said, "What in the hell is in my ear?" WHAT??? I admit, I have slipped a few times but that is not my choice of swear words. He said he heard it on "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe. Damn Mike Rowe!

WHAT I’M WEARING: green tank and shorts...It is St Patrick's Day.

WHAT I’M EATING: had my favorite penne for dinner....penne, kalamata olives, spinach, feta, all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette....so yummy, so yummy, in the party in my tummy

WHAT I’M ENJOYING: my Iphone....I took this pic with it. I was going to do some fun sepia tones on it, but it really shows the true pumpkin orange color of the bathroom downstairs. I was trying to get the back of it. I got it cut today and she did a great job! To think, this tuesday with tommie started six weeks ago when I got my hair cut and colored last time.

WHAT I’M SNIFFING: Brisket.....Husband is having a lunch at his work tomorrow. It smells so good!

Happy Tuesday, y'all


CC said...

A tank?? I'm freezing here! I'm way jealous of the iPhone too! ;)

Jen said...

The penne sounds really good!

LOL about the Will story! Cute.

Janet said...

WHAT I’M READING: Harry Potter 4

WHAT I’M WATCHING: I watched CSI: Miami this morning!



WHAT I’M WEARING: Tan top, black sweater, jeans

WHAT I’M EATING: Ooooh, I forgot about that recipe! It IS so good! I had yummy oatmeal this morning, old fashioned, cooked on the stovetop kind with vanilla soy milk, pumpkin & hemp protein, then stir in a tsp of peanut butter. Delish!

WHAT I’M ENJOYING: A cup of tea :-)

WHAT I’M SNIFFING: The perfume I wore this morning, Kenzo Amour Le Parfum

gina said...

Just finished reading book 3 (SOB!) and NOW I see what all the Twilight hype is about. Loved it and I'm hoping the fourth doesn't let me down. :) Brielle and I are counting down the days til we can get the DVD....

Monogram Queen said...

Yeah mine is starting with the curse words too. Argghh!!!
Happy Belated St. Pat's Tommie!

Brandt! said...

ohh .. i like Mike Rowe! Penne pasta .. I was thinking about that meal this week! shorts and tank? ahhh ... we are still cold! I love the haircut .. it looks great on you.

TavoLini said...

I love your haircut--very flattering! I'm so ready to cut mine, but I'm trying to grow it out long enough to donate. So, I think I'll have one more year of long hair..

Orange is such a good color :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

WHAT I’M READING: It's all too much (clutter clearing book, of course)

WHAT I’M WATCHING: We're totally off this - even movies because D's in school. We'll pick up movies this summer.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: I'm listening to Rosie snore - and TLC "Scrub" on pandora

(Poor Will)

WHAT I’M WEARING: workout pants, tank top, longsleeved shirt, fleece - it's MARCH in Colorado - still cold.

WHAT I’M EATING: Morning coffee, water....

WHAT I’M ENJOYING: My friend Tommie who has changed my life in so many ways, including her organization skills.

WHAT I’M SNIFFING: The humidifier - not bad, not good.