Friday, March 27, 2009

Monkey : kid style

What started out as kind of a "drooly" day, as the kids would say......turned out to be fairly busy.

First thing in the morning, Monkey noticed that we had a dog. He has had his fair share of dogs on this adventure. Josie, our French Bulldog, is about as easy going as they come. Monkey had to give her a little poke to even wake her up! "Oh yeah, I can handle this one!"

"Come here, little puppy....let me read your mind??"

Will had to see what all the forehead bumping was all about! Sorry little Monkey, all I know are some sight words and a few knock knock jokes!

Once the "drooly" rain let up, we headed outside to get some of that energy that Monkeys and kids seem to have an unlimited supply. Will was sure to show the little Monkey some tips and tricks on the trampoline.....complete with scratching of the pits and ooohhh oohh awwee awwes!

Now this is more like it...a teeter toter, you do all the work. I am just hanging on here.

Do you kids ever stop?? I am tired! Okay, okay....let's go inside for some quiet time.

I was fairly certain soccer practice was going to be cancelled. But after a good few hours of we went. Oh Mommy taught me to drive. yeah yeah whatever....buckle up you silly little Monkey!

Look at those blue skies and all that greem grass. After the horrible ice storm this feel so good to see and feel sunshine.

"Monkey, you kick the ball...not hang in the nets!" PS...yes, Will has a black eye. Monkey was showing him some flips on the couch. He tried them as well!

Kind of a mundane Thursday...but very true to our life! We are loving having this little Monkey in our home!


Shellie said...

Looks like the monkey had a great day. How long does he get to stay?

Janet said...

Oh, poor Will!

Love that shot of the monkey and the blue sky!

Alex the Girl said...

That is too cute. Gotta love the monkey.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh all are having a monkey good time. I love that. so fun to see and read. tee hee.
thanks for the smiles.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

How exciting!! Love the shots of the kiddos but I am in the dark as to the monkey. Guess I better go catch up below.

TavoLini said...

I love the pictures! Glad the sun came out. We're gearing up for 5 days of gray skies and rain... grumble grumble

On a limb with Claudia said...

I can just see you when Will flipped off the couch - poor you!! You really have a gift with the photography thing. This is an awesome photo story