Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekly winners

Hosted by Sarcastic Mom....( with the new and improved updated link) The basic idea is that every Sunday bloggers post their best/favorite photos from the previous week. Here are my Weekly Winners:
Is it a flute or a candlestick?

It is a candlestick.

part of the greenery on the mantle

Friday was red and green day at the kids' preschool. Livi won for the girls! She got some book. She has been sleeping with it every night!

We are just busy getting ready for Husband. In his last email he said he was leaving for Kuwait that evening. So hopefully he will be on his way soon. This puts getting back here on Wednesday OR Thursday. I was really disappointed it was being shoved back a day. But like he said, what is one day compared to the last 15 months?

Happy Sunday, y'all.


sarcasticmom said...

Aw, he's cute "playing" the nutcracker!

And that last shot? Heartbreakers, both of them!

tulipmom said...

Can I just say how excited I am for you?!!

Libby said...


Lisagh and I just said in complete unison: "oh those kids are so cute!"

We are so excited for you guys, Wednesday or Thursday, he will be here soon!

Fleur de Lisa said...

It's a flute AND a candlestick! :)

They look so cute-- I see why Livi won.

Wednesday or Thursday, can you believe it?!

Kellan said...

Wednesday or Thursday - WOW!!! Can you believe it - I think I am as excited as you are (well, maybe not) - those are great pictures. See you soon. Kellan

maggie said...

So very cute! Holidays make pictures that much more fun!

MP said...

that greenery shot is awesome!! all of them are very nice..great colors on the nutcraker!

Mishelle ( said...

Those are definitely some Weekly Winers, Tommie!! :D

The last one is frame worthy!

KatBliss said...

The countdown is getting so close! I can't imagine how excited you must be getting.

Those kids are way too cute!

The Kept Woman said...

(cheering for hubs' return)

Sandy C. said...

Your children are adorable! That's so sweet she's sleeping with the book :)

I'm so excited for you and your family this upcoming week!

WorksForMom said...

The pictures are fantastic.

3 little, teeny, tiny days.


CrazyRN said...

I'm so excited for your entire family this week! I always get teary when I watch military reunions on TV, so I'm sure I'll get all emotional when I read about your reunion later this week.

I hope the weather is great this week for his return! It's been a crazy week in Kansas!

Little Town Big Life said...

That is a DARLING picture of your kids!! They look so festive & happy!!!

Here it is Sunday evening--this will go by slowly for you, but stay busy!!
It'll get here girl!

Rachel said...

LOL at the first shot! Looks like something my daughter would be doing!! You have beautiful kiddos!
I love the pinecone.

patti_cake said...

One day is A LOT but... what can you do? the kiddos are adorable!

Janet said...

LOVE that top picture!