Monday, December 10, 2007

Manic Monday and fudge

Fleur-de-Lisa hosts the original Manic Monday here.

For the holidays, are you a last-minute shopper or do you shop well ahead of time?
Ahead of time...and a little Tommie-tip: If you find the perfect gift in August and hide it somewhere....most likely you will forget where you hid it....So, make a note on your calendar on Dec 1 of where it is hidden. Come time for the holidays, you will remember, "Oh yeah, it is on the top shelf under the blankets in the linen closet."

If you had to pick a new first name for yourself, what name would you choose?
I do like my name, I have only met a handful of girl-Tommies in my life. I went through a phase in junior high that I spelled it 'Tomi' ....I also, wanted to change my name to Connie around the same time. What is funny is the other day I heard Livi playing in her with her imaginary is named Connie! We don't even know anyone named Connie either.

What’s worse, having expectations that are too high, or having no expectations at all?

I would have to say having no expectations at all. When I was a teacher and kids asked me to sign their yearbooks, I always wrote, "Reach for the moon, if you miss, you will land among the stars." Kind of cheesy...but definitely my point of view.

We ventured out of muffin territory and made fudge this afternoon for Muffin Monday. This is my aunt RoseMary's recipe. The recipe calls for Milnot. The first time made it, I had to call my mom from the grocery store to see what Milnot was. Who knew it was a brand of evaporated milk? I sure didn't. They didn't have that brand, but it turned out well.

This really is a super easy recipe. I would even say that it is a tried and true, not grainy fudge. You don't even have to use a candy thermometer. She even has on the recipe card, "For a delightful change, use butterscotch chips."

Here is the recipe if you want to try it. It would be great for a cookie exchange because you can easily double the recipe.

3 c. sugar
1 c. Milnot (evaporated milk)
3/4 stick margarine *I use butter*
1 7oz. jar of marshmallow cream
1 12 oz package of chocolate chips
1 c. chopped nuts (pecans)

I give you this wonderful recipe, but only if you promise to pronounce the word " this: pea-can...Pinky swear...okay!

Mix sugar, evaporated milk, and margarine in a huge pot. Boil for five minutes, stirring continuously. Remove from heat, stir in marshmallow cream and chocolate chips. Stir until smooth. Stir in PEA-CANS...(Did you say pecans or pea-cans?

Pour into a buttered 9x9 pan. Makes 2.5 pounds.

Note: do not try to make this when there is 90% takes forever to set.


Janet said...

I say p'CAN

Wendy said...

I changed my name to Cindy Krause when I was in kindergarten. Same time my mom got remarried and her name because Krause.

Jayke has lots of imaginary friends. One died the other day though, it was tragic.

tulipmom said...

I've always pronounced "pecan" that way. It just sounds strange almost snooty the other way (I realize it's a matter of what you're used to/where you're from and certainly don't mean to offend those of you who learned it that way).

Thanks for the great fudge recipe ... perfect for gifts.

Sodexho Careers said...
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tommie said...

sodexho, tried to go to your blog, but it says it is invite only.....he comes home in 8 days! He leaves Baghdad on Sunday ..and should be home by Wed!!!

Tammy said...

You had me at the fudge.

I can't buy in August. It kills me to have to save the gifts. I'm into instant gratification.

Kerry said...

I am a way ahead kind of girl for the shopping. I have been finished for the kids for months. Now I am shopping for other people!!

How many days until your husband comes home?!

Ashlee said...

You will forever be my friend who says pee-can!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Kwizgiver said...

Oooh, your recipe sounds complicated compared to the one I blogged over the weekend. ;-)

Thanks for visiting my Manic Monday--you were right on when you said we shop alike!

PS--I am a pea-can, too!

WorksForMom said...

8 days? WOO HOO, you're almost down to one little week.

You're so right about hiding and forgetting. Last week I found 4 gifts that had collected dust. Oops.

8 days. I can smell the sizzling steaks already.

Sheila said...

Oh, the fudge looks so yummy!

8 more days... that is so exciting.

Love your pics.. adorable.

Cheeky said...

It IS Pea Can! Always has been always will be

The Kept Woman said...'re stressing me out here! I came for my ticker update as to when yer man is coming many days are we down to? It's close...real close, right?!!?!?

Desert Diva said...

Fudge is one of my favorites, and I live in the "Land of Pecans" (as well as chile).

I'm making this one for sure. It's funny you mention the pronunciation of "pecan," I'm having trouble pronouncing "Ginny" and want to say "Jenny." (You say toe-mae-toe, I say toh-mah-toh!)

Tavolini said...

my grandma uses the same recipe! I like the hiding the christmas present note suggestion--too many times I've found "hidden" items waaaaay too late!

patti_cake said...

I always pronounce it pea-can - I swear! Hah in the 80's amidst the valley girl craze is how I became Patti LOL

Kellan said...

"land among the stars" - very cool! I only know one Tommie (female cousin) - it's a fun name. The fudge looks yummy! Have a good day - I am wrapping presents this afternoon. See ya.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm laughing at your find-the-presents-from-August tip!

I like the name Tommie for a girl. :)

I do know what Milnot is as my grandmothers both called it that. Must be an old-fashioned thing.

Thanks for playing MM, Tommie.