Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday 13....number six...location, location, location

Thirteen locations on my sitemeter:

1. Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium **farthest from me with 5060 miles**
2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3. Dryden, Ontario, Canada
4. France
5. Kabel, Nordrhein-Westfale, Germany

6. Reigate, Bromley, United Kingdom

7. Chelsfield, Bromley, United Kingdom

I don't have 13 seperate countries, I'll fill in the rest with the first thirteen from the United States of America

1..Olney, Maryland, USA

2. Hampton, Virginia, USA

3. Portland, Maine, USA

4. Houston, Texas, USA

5. Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

6. Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

7. San Jose, California, USA

8. Ontario, California, USA

9. Smithsburg, Maryland, USA

10. State College, Pennsylvania, USA

11. Fairport, New York, USA

12. Seattle, Washington, USA **farthest in the USA with 1730 miles**

13. Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

Little did I know when I started this blog that anyone besides my husband and immediate family would even care to hear me drone on day after day about my kids. I started this blog so Mike could keep up with the kids while he was gone. I used to send an email out called "tuesday update" to our friends and family. I would get emails bounced back and such, so it evolved into this blog.

Happy Thursday


tulipmom said...

Hey, I'm #1 in the US!!

I wondered how you got the name "Tuesday Update."

Very interesting TT.

tommiea said...

tulipmom- Will was born on a Tuesday. He has a scrapbook called "Tuesdays With Will"..the pictures I scrapped of him I would email to our family every Tuesday....YES, every Tuesday!! I would take picture of something new he did that week. He was the first grandchild on my husband's side, so they were loving all the pictures!

Thirty-One Trendy said...

Drat! Charlotte, NC didn't make the cut. Maybe next time!

Stephanie said...

That is a very good idea for TT. I really like that you included flags for each one too.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

susan said...

Wahoo I win for farthest in the states! (although I can't believe you charted that!)

I also started blogging for family and friends and it just goes on from there. Blogging is such a great community.

I'm glad you shared the story of the name...I'd wondered about that too.

Anonymous said...

But wait! Where is Australia?! That's me. That's me!

tommiea said...

31trendy-I have a free sitemeter, so it only listed the last 100 visitors.

stephanie-it was a pain to go save all the flags.

susan-If you put your location in Sitemeter, it charts it for you. Don't think I have that kind of itme!

jd's rose- I know a couple of people from Austrailia, but since it only does the last 100, it wasn't on there.

Anonymous said...

Nice little list of peeps I'd say.


patti_cake said...

Believe it or not i'm the Seattle,WA peep. Although I live in SC I blog from work :) and our HQ is in WA.
Do I get a prize?

Anonymous said...


Happy TT!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Isn't it cool how you get random people visiting that end up becoming readers. I always wonder how they found me, I love it when they tell me in their comment.

I live in Alabama, but for some reason I show up as Arlington, Tx...wonder why?

The Kept Woman said...

It's fun to see all the visitors and get to know people through their writing! I'm glad you found me/I found you...I don't remember which...but anyway...((hugs)) It's nice to know you.

tommiea said...

nick- he hee he, you said peeps...I love those little sugary pieces of delight!

patti-cake- sure...what cha looking for in TX? a scorpian..i have seen two so far this summer!

jennifer- I was trying to remember how I came upon your blog...

TKW- I found your blog through Lost in Surburbia...who I "know" from Two Peas.