Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday 13....number seven...shows on my DVR

Thirteen shows on my DVR...

First off, I could not live without this thing. The kids only get to watch PBS or Noggin if they watch anything.

So if I am to watch anything, I record it and watch it while they are in bed. it is:

1. Brothers and Sisters 6/17 and 6/24 ( I guess I am behind on that one!)
2. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List 6/26 (See why I don't watch it with kids around??)
3. Namaste Yoga 6/26 and 6/27 (oops missed a day!)
4. Starter Wife ( I am having trouble getting into this one.)
5. Real Simple (on PBS, I love this show, but it is my favorite magazine!)
6. neat (of course I would love this Discovery Home show)
7. Gay, Straight or Taken (this show is great when I need a laugh)
8. What Not to Wear (a girl can always gleen something from Stacy and Clinton...heck, I would front my own money if they would come shopping with me!)
9. Army Wives...haven't watched this one yet...but I want to see how "real" it is.

the kid shows
10. Classical Baby, The Music Show..(on HBO...wonderful 'sleep' music)
11. Curious George
12. Veggie Tales
13. Little Einsteins

There are many more kids fact there are 79 shows in all on there. I don't think we ever watch all of them, but I like the option of knowing it is there if we need it!

need=sanity time while I prep dinner or get dressed!


Toni said...

I have been following Army Wives- I LOVE it! Is it accurate? No way! But still good!

Air Force Wife

Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

I don't have a DVR, but it really sounds like something to check into. I miss alot of shows because of scrapping, working, and doing exactly this!!!(;giggles) I was a HUGE Amazing Race fan, too bad it's gone until next season!!!

tommiea said...

sandra- for just $5 more a month, it is provided by my cable company...I can't imagine life without it because I NEVER watch real TV

patti_cake said...

Girl I can't watch that much TV!
Let us know if Army Wives is even remotely "real".

tommiea said...

patti-there is no way we will ever watch them all, I just like to have choices...

MommyBa said...

Cool stuff you have there!!

Monica said...

I love Kathy Griffin! My mom and I had the opportunity to see her last year and she was awesome.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

NEED DOES equal sanity time. Plus, I've found that my kids DO need the time to veg out. I have the TV on VERY rarely around here (even when they're not around) and sometimes, they need the break from playing.

Fortunately, they're both on reading kicks and have been vegging out that way. I love having two readers!

Janet said...

I love my tivo! It records all instances of Johnny Depp, and my fav shows, which include Heroes, Lost, Miami Ink and others :-)

CarrieB said...

I don't have a DVR or Tivo either. I hear it will change the way you watch TV. I struggle with the whole TV thing...most days I want to ban it from our home. But I'm a sissy and The Travel Channel is allowing me to blog right now because my kids are engrossed in learning about the San Juan River system.

I don't even know where that is.

Haley-O said...

I'll have to check out some of those shows! I've never seen any of them. Oops, I lied -- Brothers and Sisters I've seen. It's aiight. :)