Friday, June 29, 2007

grocery shopping with a toddler

Okay, for the love of all that is good in this world, can we please not curse in front of my is a recap of my day.

and I drop Will off at school...He is so excited because his daddy called him just as he was waking up. It was a great phone call and started off a great day. We then took him to his preschool. It is a swim day on Friday so he is pumped.....whew hoo....great day so far.

Fast forward a bit...Livi goes to her Ooyey Gooyey art class...we make all kinds of fourth of July 'crap'...a windsock....some sand art, (you know this is going in a box to the in laws or daddy!) whew hoo a great day so far...

Oh yeah, we need a few groceries...we have some time...So let's go over to the commissary on post. We can save some $$$ and get some fresh sushi. I love to go the the commissary farthest from me because there is a sushi chef there preparing whatever your little heart desires. They even make it with brown rice if you want now. So while we are shopping he is making me some great little pieces of delight.

Totally forgetting it is payday weekend.....I manage to survive the trip. I pay....for those of you unaware of the commissary shopping etiquette...the baggers work for tips only. Note: I am an excellent tipper. Bag my groceries....I will automatically tip you $3 per $100 spent. See....not a bad deal.....if you say, "hi, how are you doing?" on the way to the car....dude, your $3 just went up to $4 maybe even $5 if you continue the conversation.

I totally got rock-star parking, so I was the first one in the lot.....I get Liv loaded into her car seat...from the rear of the car, I hear said grocery bagger..."dammit"
Woah dude...I have Pete and Repeat here, I am buckling her in.....I can see her looking all worried and wondering to myself, "how much is she filing away in her little recorder?"
I get her buckled in....then I hear, "$hit".....okay dude...WHAT is going on back there?? I mean I know I bought alot, but...dang, just load the groceries! By now Livi is worried...she says..."Mommy, she can have one of my Hello Kitty band aids."...<---which we just bought, it was in one of the many bags she is loading.

Apparently she hit her head on the opening of the back of my car...I drive a wagon, ....a super cool mom wagon....but a she hit her head on the top of the car.
Before she got a chance to say anything else, I had to speak up...."UUhhmm, could you please not curse in front of my kid....???"

She only got a $3 tip on what COULD have easily been a $10 tip! DUDE, quit cursing in front of the kids!


Anonymous said...

Jeez. I hope you didn't give her a bandaid either.

It is not hard to mind your manners, especially when it is only for 10 minutes!

RockinMom said...

Yeah, that would have ticked me off to.

tulipmom said...

What is wrong with people?!

KatBliss said...

What an asshole. :) Sorry I couldn't resist.

sisters with style said...

You have to wonder why people say the things they do sometimes!!!

Mark, Sandra, Lane, Kolt, Boomer & Bindee(the dogs), & Harley(the cat) said...

Hello...Hello...HELLO...what are these people thinking??? We hear it around us all the time and I am so glad my boys know now that those words are not good words. I wouldn't have gave a tip at all, but that's just me!!

patti_cake said...

I can't help but laugh at that, she probably honestly did not even think before she said it. My kid has been calling me a "shitbird" courtesy of her Pop (my dad)

patti_cake said...
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