Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ABCs of our weekend

For some reason I am in a severe blogging funk....these ABC posts are such an easy way to get my random chaotic thoughts together. So, from last Friday until now....

Attended the kids preschool graduation

Brought to tears to see my little boy and girl end another year

Cried....okay, I cried. I did. But not the big honking "ugly" cry, just a few leaky tears.

Drove to Ohio for the long weekend
Eat (okay it should be ate, but I need an E word) lots of good food

Finally downloaded the pics from my camera...eeks guess how many I took?

Grandkids galore...all of my in-laws grand kids were there this weekend. It is so nice to live close enough to drive up for the long weekend.

Happy to get to hold my new nephew.

I love seeing how patient and gentle Will is with his younger cousins.

Josie's toots make me keep a can of Febreeze very close by me.

Kids played on the slip-n-slide

Love that my mother-in-law keeps pinot grigio on hand because she knows this is my favorite!

Made it home from OH in less time, despite getting lost. I used Google maps on my Iphone mid trip to find our way back! whew hoo!

Nine shows on my DVR from the long weekend...."Medium" is playing now.

Olivia has a song in her heart that is bursting out of her mouth 24/'s that for a positive spin on she talks non-stop!

Photos are finally downloaded. I need to make copies for my in laws.

Quite the rain showers was even cancelled, a rescheduled rain game.

Really nervous for Will's first half day camp next week.

S'mores by the fire....sugar 'em up and hope they crash right at bedtime. Very fine line of timing there.

Today was the first real day of summer break for us! The kids even slept in just a tad. this thing almost done.

Very good grilled burgers tonight...cumin and oregano, then topped with cheddar and cilantro. Yummilicious

Welcomed Baby A into the world...congrats to my sister-in-law M and her husband A.

Xpect lots of grins and giggles when a new baby is around.

Ya'll still reading this because I need to go get some


Nighty night, y'all!


lisagh said...

Love love love the kids outfits!

tommie said...

Thanks was an Americana theme since it was just before Memorial Day. All the kids looked so cute in their red, white and blue.

gina said...

HA! How fun!! It is a very fine lining when you make s'mores at the end of a long day- we did it last weekend and it worked well. :) Their Memorial Day outfits were adorable. I wish I had a new niece or nephew to love- all of the good partsd without being the one responsible for all the up all nights. :) Those hamburgers sound DELICIOUS!!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh they are so adorable T. And I feel ya on the blogstipation front, I've had it for a year. :O

That weekend sounds perfect to me!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I totally love Will's shorts!

Brandt! said...

hey .. welcome back! I recognize that funk .. I also liked your end of March T13 .. so every last Thursday of the month I try to recap the month!

Janet said...

Very well done :-)

I love Medium, too :-)

and I do love the positive spin on Livi's talking :-)

llove the baby fingers pic!

Dea Felis said...

Hehe. I like it. This worked really well for recapping your weekend. :) I miss living that close to my nieces & nephews (and on another note, I miss living that close to Ohio ;) ).