Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday 13.....#32....the letter L

In keeping with my ABC theme for Thursday 13 in 2008....the letter L

  1. lady bug: I have a lady bug made out of a training helmet.

  2. lights: I love to sit under these lights on the porch.

  3. Lone Star: I have a Lone star glass window on our front door. It wasn't on the house when we looked at it. But others in the neighborhood had it....I asked the builder for one, and he changed it out!

  4. Livi- My favorite L of all time.
  5. Look what I won: Melody of Pennies in my Pocket hosted a $25 give away from Jennifer of Little Piddles. I got Livi some hair bling bling. Very cute! I would totally shop there again.

  6. List: I am a list maker by nature.

  7. Lived: I have lived in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Alaska, Kansas, California, and Texas.

  8. Listen: Some of the best advice a seasoned military wife told me when I first got married: Learn to listen when meeting new people. Listen quietly, intently, and kindly. You will make friends every time. It has honestly worked. I have made at least one lifelong friend at every duty station.

  9. lamp: I have lamp made by the same prisoners that made the scrolly iron work: Tuesday Update: Thursday 13.....#29....the letter I

  10. lotion: I have to use an unscented lotion or I sneeze all day!

  11. long: I got the cutest long knee length shorts at Gap today.

  12. lucky: I was lucky to find Husband as I swore I would NEVER marry a soldier!

  13. label: I will label any and everything!

ladybug, Lone Star door, lights, and Livi


The Kept Woman said...


I love that door, we had one very similar (if not the same) that we put on our house in Austin. Oddly enough you can't get doors like that here in WI.

Love the ladybug helmet too!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

The Lone Star door is gorgeous! And so is Livi -- have fun with the hair thingies!

(btw, I really like that advice to listen. I think it's very true.)

tulipmom said...

Thanks for the "Pennies in My Pocket" and "Little Piddles" links.

tommie said...

TKW- we are VERY close to Austin, so I am sure it is probably the same door. It is clear (but was daylight outside when I took the picture) so it looks like it has color in it.

BTW- do you recognize that tutu?

susan- thanks!

tulipmom- The clippies had a little foam thing on the inside of an alligator clip. So even little girls with the finest of hairs can use them! So stock up!

Libby said...

I'm lovin' the L-list!

Kellan said...

Listen and learn - that is great advise! I Loved your list! See you later - Kellan

SJ Reidhead said...

The pink fairy is especially cute!

The Pink Flamingo

Lori said...

Great list...I love the theme:) Happy TT.

Janet said...

Love that door...and that's some good advice you got!

Meg said...

very fun! how did you come to terms with your swearing that you would never marry a soldier when you met Husband?

damozel said...

This was a great T13---and the best part was the pictures. Love be-winged Livi and the training helmet ladybug!

13 Hearts

Lyrical Press, Inc. said...

Cute. I have to start doing an ABC TT.

Happy TT


Patti said...

I really like your L list! I would love to have a palmetto tree glass window in my door

The Kept Woman said...

Hey chickie- I WAS going to comment in my first comment about what a darling tutu that was and who made it and go on and on but I thought it looked pink...? And I could have sworn that you ordered yours in Grapesicle...then again, I could totally be losing my mind. Hell, who am I kidding...could? I am and I know it.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Look at your little angel! What a cutie!

I think that listening is a tremendous skill - and gift to anyone. People are so rarely really heard, just heard. What a gift you give.

Happy TT, Tommie!

anthonynorth said...

One 'L' of a good list there :-)

Chuck said...

That was neat. YOu did a nice job writing this up. "lovies* to ya (in honor of "L") ;) Happy TT and thx so much for your visit.

Nap Warden said...

Love the pink fairy pic!

Kacey said...

oh, I like that door. I want a stained glass door!

I so enjoy reading everyone's Thursday 13. Always nice to get to know another blogger a bit better.

Teena said...

Lovely (starts with an "L"!) idea for a theme!

I played too :)