Thursday, May 31, 2007

birthday.....checklist to self

OKay, for the birthday boy this weekend, I have

* Ordered cake....dinosaur theme please, he says so nicely way back in January.....I even got the cupcake cake and the dinosaurs roar!
2. Printed out chart for thank you notes....AND put them in my control journal!!!

5. Get helium tank for balloon to tie on favors....can say done...BUT only after cornering the Walmart is a hint....don't ask the household lady where the party supply stuff i s in a Super Walmart

11. Buy plastic ware and paper goods. ***though I still cannot find dinosaur napkins.....note to napkin printers....print dinosaur napkins and ship them to TX....some moms will buy them!

13. Buy cute dinosaur shirt for birthday well as cute school shoes for Liv for the fall. Who can't buy 75% off Striderite shoes she can put on herself??? heck, if I lowered her clothes bar, she could do her morning routine herself!!

8. Buy sand for dinosaur dig activity.....did this, but the sand is wet, it totally will not sift....which is what we need to find the 'bones' you think it will dry out by Sat??

7. Track cookies ordered from foofoo cookie place to see if where they are.....these are delivered....and we even gave some to the neighbor kids moving....because we are on top on things like that....or I would like to think I am!!

8. Buy sand for dinosaur dig activity.....did this, but it is wet...can sand dry out in two day with 85% humidity???

I still need to do:.....
3. Let me back up, make hand print for thank you notes.,,call it OOyey gooyeey Friday, I will do this tomorrow afternoon, hopefully Livi will be napping.

4. Assemble thank you notes.....yeah still need to do this one! if you are holding your breath for a thank you is a hint....take a breath, we haven't even made them yet!

6. Assemble favors.

9. Drain water from the sand and water table.

10. Fill sand and water table with new sand and dinosaur bones.

12. Buy ice cream and pick up cake day of party.

Okay, substitute four year old boy in this pic.....I want him to have a great party!!

Just a few more things to do!


Thirty-One Trendy said...

Hi! Do you have a Target nearby? If the sand doesn't dry by Saturday they have a dinosaur bone sand molding kit. The kids could create their own dinosaur bones out of the sand. Just a thought.

patti_cake said...

I hope you do have a WONDERFUL party. You are putting so much thought and hard work into it!

sisters with style said...

You guys are going to have an awesome party.

For a t-shirt idea: It won't be here by Saturday, but go to the site they have adorable personalized t's with dinos on them. Like the name of the dino would be willosaurus and then the dino would have W's all over it. Just an idea for later since he is into dinos.