Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: M...Mother's Day

From The Kept Woman who is a tutu-making fool these days....Our assignment this week is to use the letter "M"...
as she says, "So…if you want the Completely Useless Bonus Points that Mean Nothing your picture should have something to do with the letter M."

Happy Mother's Day to me...yippeee

A few weeks ago Husband told me he ordered me something for Mother's Day. I tried checking the balance on our checking account to see if I could figure what it was...(I couldn't...Tiffany's doesn't charge your card until it ships!!)

He told me I could open it when it got here. I was kind of surprised the delivery person left it on my front porch! At first I didn't realize what it was because it was in a plain brown box with only a shipping address. I was wondering what Husband ordered from NJ. Then it was wrapped in white tissue. Finally under all that was the little blue box, more aqua than blue....a beautiful monogrammed bracelet.

So all the way from Baghdad, Husband managed to make me smile and cry all at the same time! Happy that he knew it was something I would love, sad that he couldn't be here to put it on me.

Thanks, husband, I love it! I wear it daily. I tried to take a pic of it on, but that just wasn't working for me. I don't know that I will let Will play with the new camera!! So this picture will have to do for now....just imagine it on my very tan wrist.

By the way, we are at the 7 month mark in this deployment. Because of the extension, we have eight more months to go. I was so mad when all the news of the extension was brought out.....we were at month six....almost half over....Now here we are a month later and it is not even the half way point!!! UGH....oh well, I knew he was a soldier when I married him.


Tammy said...


Can I say that here?

What a beautiful bracelet!

I played.

Wendy said...

I love me some Tiffany's! Very nice!
I played too!

Christie said...

wow! That's lovely :)

Happy wcw, I played

movin'mom said...

what a special man you have!

I guess if he's got to keep you in chains....Tiffnay's is the way to go ...hahahahaha

CarrieB said...

How wonderful for you! You deserve it and I hope you look down at your wrist many times each day and know how much he loves you and wants to make Moms Day special for you!

tommiea said...

tammy- sure you can say that here...and thanks, I love my bracelet!!

wendy-it looks kind of dull in the picutre.

christie- thanks!

movin'mom- that really made me laugh.

carrieb-I do and he has!

The Kept Woman said...


I love that robin's egg blue box...there are always fabulous things inside!


Bonus points!!!

The Kept Woman said...

P.S. It sucks that the deployment went from being half over to now not even being there...crapola.

Head Hen said...

Pretty. You definitely deserve it. If you'll look closely (because I know you kept that box, etc.), even the white tissue it came in (inside the brown box) says Tiffany on it!

This time next year you'll be breathing easier because he'll be home. It's okay to take a deep breath now, too.

The military wives I know say they cry in the shower to keep their kids from seeing. That is amazingly strong.

KatBliss said...

I heart your husband. What a wonderful way to let you know he is thinking about you for Mother's Day. What a great guy!

tongue in cheek said...

Wonderful love !!
Little blue boxes and a heart to hold on to.

suburban mom said...

Oh my gosh. That is the sweetest husband ever. I'm so happy for you :)

Kerry said...

sorry so late to the post - I LOVE THIS NECKLACE!

Kerry said...

...I mean bracelet!!