Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snapshot right now: May 2010

1. photo of me: my new 'do...i had to cut if off my neck. it is fun

2. current candle scents: i don't have any candles but i have several of those reed and oil things from Pier 1 in the ember scent

3. what i read this month: started reading "Summer of the Monkey's" to the kids

4. top three songs i was drawn to: Justin Beiber "eenie meanie" Glee Cast version "Jessie's girl" and pretty much any other Glee song!

5. movies i saw: i can't remember if it was this month, but the kids and i went to see "How to Train your Dragon"

6. favorite tv moments of the month: Glee.....Sue Sylvester singing Vogue

7. something yummy i made this month: anything to use up pantry stuff: chocolate chip cookies, banana pudding, lemon ricotta muffins,

8. some place i ate out: Kansai for mother's day...Will took me and Livi on a date

9. something that made me cry: off hand, i can't remember.

10. something that made me laugh: yesterday Will fell while riding his scooter (that's not the funny part) but he wanted a "cast" since he is "injuried". LOVE the Will-words

11. this month i looked forward to: finding out where we are moving to

12. something i want to remember about this month: fun field trip to Kentucky Down Under

13. a photo i took this month: act like that cave pic is right here. I couldn't get it to move down here. That is 125 feet under ground. I was seriously trying not to panic!


lisagh said...

Love your new 'do! And Sue singing 'Vogue'? The BEST!!!

Janet said...

Love the haircut!!!

Brandt! said...

hey woman! Love the new do and the glasses!!!! I'll be stealing this post for next week!