Thursday, April 22, 2010

Right now: april 22, 2010

i am thinking: i wonder if it is going to rain...and therefore ruin our field trip to the zoo tomorrow.

i am thankful for: the sale of our home!!!!! (admit it, that is way worthy of multiple exclamation marks!)

from the kitchen: i think i'll grab a glass of wine (pic taken last weekend because clearly it is evening here!)

i am wearing: a cami top that i wore under my shirt today and jammie pants.

i am creating: the perfect backpack to take to the zoo....did I forget anything??

i am going: to watch Sober House with Dr Drew later

i am reading: just finished "look again" some book my SIL gave me! Very good but worried me. I can't fathom if something ever happened to one of the kids.

i am hoping: i can continue working out at least 3x a week.

i am hearing: ANTM (America's Next Top Model DVRd from earlier in the background)

around the house: i actually have a few messes... i feel so free to NOT have to keep it "show ready"

one of my favorite things: listening to the kids playing outside...jumping on the trampoline, running through the sprinkler, swinging, trying to vacuum bugs with the bug catcher

a few plans for the rest of the week: hopefully a zoo trip, enjoy the last few days with husband before he goes TDY for most of May

a picture to share: see above..i took this with my phone either last weekend or the weekend before, a gorgeous weekend with a glass of wine

happy thursday


Janet said...

I've been watching Sober House, too, but it seems overly dramatic, in a forced sort of way.

Brandt! said...

Love the picture! Cool T13 lol! Yes .. I miss the muffins and the chats and the wine .. and YESSSS .. you can pick up the phone anytime (literally any time) and we can chat it up!!!!! You and Arlene were my saving grace in Tx .. and I will always treasure the friendship we made!

Desert Diva said...

You took this with an iPhone? Maybe it's time for me to leave Verizon...