Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ABC's of me

a: alarm went off at 6 AM this morngin
b: bed was very warm
c: cold: it got down to 38 last night
d: hope my flowers DON'T die
e: eat the same thing for breakfast most mornings
f: foggy day this morning
g: grilling chicken tonight....Will asked for a home cooked meal after having McD's last night!
h: have had two cups of coffee already this morning
i: i have a sick baby girl home today
j: jeans, wearing my skinny jeans! woo hoo
k: KY derby is this weekend...they are serious about the derby here. the kids don't even have school on Friday!
l: love to do the sudoku in pen
m: most days i solve it
n: number of bruises on my legs: 3
o: fell OFF a stepstool while cleaning out my closet
p: was not a PRETTY sight
q: quit laughing, it hurt
r: really hurt, like I almost cried
s: but STUFF is purged from my closet
t: that makes me happy
u: i don't store stuff UNDER my bed....bad feng shui
v: very excited the house is sold
w: washer is going already
x: expect to be ironing this afternoon
y: yes, i iron 90% of our clothes
z: gives me a ZEN feeling to see the wrinkles go away
happy Wednesday


Brandt! said...

wow! nicely done! I may attempt to copy you with this list for T13! Congratulations on your house!

Janet said...

Hope Livi is feeling better! And your ankle, too.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I love these updates on you and your life. I'm sorry you fell in the closet!! Are you really OK?

And YEA skinny jeans! I thought you looked wicked thin! Good job Tommie!