Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ice cream ......

ice cream ......, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

(this was taken last summer in TX)

This week Husband's aunt is down here to visit....(Yes, while we are visiting as well.) After dinner she offered to take the whole fam damily downtown to a quaint little ice cream shop. My favorite part was it was cool enough we could sit outside!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed ice cream in a cone! I usually make them eat it in a bowl...but hey, you only live once. Plus it gave the excuse to grab theirs and lick it!

On the way home, both kids were bouncing off the walls in the back seat. Livi is still in a 5 point harness carseat, so she is fairly well restrained....but you can't really restrain her mouth! Will is in a booster, so he was practically doing the twist back there.

After about the 26th time telling them to stop and sit still, Will blurts out, "You, you , gave me too much sugar!"

Truth hurts, bubba!


Little Town Big Life said...

LWhoops!! I missed your birthday post. Hope you had a happy, happy birthday!!

Believe me, 40 is a good decade! It goes by so very quickly tho!

And all of a sudden you are 50!!! Five O---it took me forever to even say it!!! But, as 50 is the new 30--here's to life

And you, you lil teenager (40 has to be the new 18!!!) Enjoy your new surroundings!

Jen said...

I love Old Timey ice cream parlours & ice cream cones. My DH doesn't like cones, so we usually do bowls too. Cute picture!

Dea Felis said...

LOL At least he recognized that it was too much sugar. :)

Happy Birthday, from me and Chance (and Bill & Purrsia, too)!! :D

Monogram Queen said...

I have always "heard" that too much sugar is a myth but how can it be?? I love the pic of Livi! Ice cream cones ROCK. VERY sweet of husband's auntie.

gina said...

It's actually the dairy that agitiates my littles systems- but what is summer without ice cream?!
Another beautiful photo. Of Course. :)

MamaGeek said...

I love that shot of the ice cream in focus and Livi as the bokeh. Yeah, she's a DOLL in that shot.

And bubba? Yeah, the truth hurts. :)

Monica said... cream!

Happy belated birthday, BTW!

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! That Will cracks me up :-)

TavoLini said...

Great picture! Hahaha--super funny post :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

ahahahahahaha Will's a crack up! Hurray for summer ice cream cones - there's nothing better! You are having such a nice in between break.

What's happening with the house?

Wendy said...

We have been going for ice cream TOO much lately. Have to stop!