Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday 13: letter D

1. dated: engaged, and married in eleven months....that was twelve years ago this month!

2. decorated: for fall, my favorite time of the year

3. dyson: love my handheld one....the kids think it is fun to "get" to help clean

4. distraught: when I walked into Will's classroom yesterday, .....and he wasn't in there! but, he was in another class doing math.

5. downloaded: Glee-the-Music-vol-1 can't get enough of that show! love it

6. dinner: or do you say supper?

7. drink: of choice, diet DP

8. don't: think I will ever be a morning person

9. do: wish i would totally make my mornings easier

10. dang: my choice of words....just waiting for the day that pete and repeat say it.

11. Disney vacation ever.

12. dillards: used to be the place to shop when i was younger....are those even around any more?

13. daylight savings....still working on getting used to it

Thursday 13: Letter D 2008


Dea Felis said...

6. Dinner and supper actually have different definitions. I grew up eating supper and technically we eat supper now, too; but people around me often call it dinner.

10. You're doing so much better than I am. My words are getting worse. Pete and Repeat must be good for language skills. :)

11. Yay Disney World!

12. Yup, there's one in the mall here.

13. Ugh, me too. When I went to school it was nicer, but I don't get up that early anymore/yet and I don't like driving home in the dark at 5:30pm.

1. Happy Anniversary Month! :)

Susan said...

I can't believe that you they haven't repeated your favorite word yet! KT was two when she repeated Shaun's...and it started with an "F"...he cleaned up his language real quick!

Brandt! said...

yeah! you are back!!!!

TavoLini said...

Love the pictures!!

Hey, remember those Tonka candles you had? DoggyBloggy, of Chez What just did a post about the tonka bean. Very cool!

Joanna said...

Love the picture of pricess Livi.