Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday in the sun

Sunday in the sun, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

first of all, don't faint.....I really am blogging again. i felt overwhelmed for a bit. i felt obligated to post here. i felt like it was one more thing i had to check off my list each day. i threw a little temper tantrum, stomped my foot, and said, "i won't! i won't do it!"

but then the sunshine came out. i felt the warmth of the sun on my face. i felt like i had a picture i did want to share.

i still haven't picked up my camera. this is just taken with my phone, but it is a start.

we listed our home this past week. we already know we will PCS (army speak for move) this summer.

at the drop of a hat a realtor will call. i am too scared to say, 'uuh, no, you can't come." so, i load the kids up and head to a park. this is the bridge to one near our house.

i loved the symbolism as well....i think i am ready to cross that bridge one more time and blog.

just maybe, notice Will is only about a fourth of the way across.

but it is a start, i still feel the sunshine

happy monday!


Jen said...

I love it, great shot!

Nice to "see" you back over here.

Dea Felis said...

Yay, welcome back. :)

I love that picture. Even though I know it's in KY, it reminds me of home in WY. :)

Good luck selling the house, and may you have a quick and easy PCS. :)

Janet said...

Welcome back, Tommie, I've missed your posts. And while that shot may have been taken with your's just gorgeous!

Brandt! said...

YEAH!! Welcome back! I never stopped checking!! (blog stalker!) Hey .. I think your Tx house is going to go on the market as well ... ! Change is good! I love the symbolism of crossing the bridge ...!

Corey~living and loving said...

I've missed you! ♥ love the pic....and can't believe it is from a phone. WOW!

gina said...

breaks are needed from blogging, the "pressure" starts to build and you can't be creative or free any more. good luck with your PVC. do you know where you are going this time? Anywhere near me in MA?!

amyedoula said...

Tommie, good to be able to keep up with you! Please email me....impt. news not for here. NO, not pregnant again :)
Amy E.