Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oklahoma update

Who knew I would last more than ten days of no blogging? One day I did sneak downtown to borrow someone's wireless. I could only read my email, but not post. Oh well..
Quick recap of the last few days....

One trip to the ER .....<-----crazy straws are not eye friendly
Two visits to the playground in town
Three art activities done at story time at the library
Four year old turned five

Five fingers on a handprint

Six meals grilled

Seven days Livi has slept in her own 'kinder-bed' <----I took one side off the crib in my old room.

Eight miles to the nearest BIG town

Nine : thirty <----the time at night when there are thousands of lightening bugs out

Ten: my new bedtime since I am not up reading/posting on blogs all night! LOL

We found a really cool park in the BIG town near here. If gas weren't over the four dollar mark we might go more than a couple of times a week. As it is, I am combining my grocery shopping day with a trip to the park. The kids had so much fun.

They started asking me questions about making friends there. "Mom, is this the place we are going to find a new Haley (the big girl at school Livi just loved)?" "Mom, I didn't see a Nicholas here." Despite not knowing a soul at this park, both kids were playing with someone very near their own age before we left. I am glad it is fairly easy to make friends at this age. What more does a kid need than someone to swing with, someone to walk a rope bridge with, someone to have fun with? We will definitely be going to this park a couple of times a week.

This brings me to these two first I was shooting their hands, the intent look on their little sweaty faces. But I guess what struck me as the most important thing is, no matter where kids go, these little feet will take them there.

Happy blogging, y'all.


On a limb with Claudia said...

oh, I'm so glad to see that you are doing well. I've miss you! I hope the Oklahoma situation isn't driving you completely bonkers - any word on birthday plans?

((hug)) to all of you in this big transition!

Laski said...

Wow!!! so many new adventures for all of you!!!

Had to catch up on older posts . . . I've fallen so behind.

Glad to see you are connected again. Can't wait to hear how things go and how many new friends the kids (and you) make!

Janet said...

First of all, welcome back! I've missed you :-)

Secondly...picture of the lightning bugs, please? How cool! We don't get many around here...

MamaGeek said...

Yes - WELCOME BACK! I love those pictures and the fact that kids really can make friends fast.

Best wishes on your next set of adjustments!

IamDerby said...

Glad you landed safe and sound in OK. Love the pics.

Libby said...

Happy to have you back. :)

Bobbie said...

Moving is such a JOB!

Brandt! said...

Hey! Welcome back! I have missed your blog and of course YOU!

gina said...

Glad to see you are adjusting well. :) Keep in touch!

Wendy said...

Welcome back! Hope the eye that met up with the crazy straw is okay! Glad you are all doing well!

Kellan said...

Welcome back - I have missed you. Great pictures and I love that last paragraph - great!

Have fun - you sound very busy!

Take care - Kellan

Corey~living and loving said...

What a great post. I love your sentiments at the end. :)

Joanna said...

Yeah you're back!! Missed seeing picts of your cute kids doing cute kid things.
Ouch on the ER visit. Hope all recovered well.

Moi said...

i was beginning to wonder how you surviving the blog-break phase of your life!!!! :DDDD

nice to c ya and Livi and Will back :)
am sure they'll make great friends wherever their li'l feet take them

nel said...

So much that's new and exciting in your lives. I can remember my kids when they were little making friends with anyone they met after five minutes.

Love the pictures... they are growing up so fast.

just jamie said...

Love your new blog look.

The moving journey --- sigh --- you have the perfect attitude. Go for it!

Anna said...

10 days with no blogging? I mine as well be tortured! Hehehe. Glad you are making your way! Stay safe!