Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Happy birthday to me...

I don't know what I thought 45 would be like...I don't feel 45. I don't look 45. Though I do notice a bit more gray, a few more 'cracks' (as Will called them) around my forehead where I scrunch it. Midlife is not at all what I imagined way back when I thought 40 was OLD. I guess two kids under ten will keep you young.

I look back at my teen years: always being the good girl, getting good grades, making it into OU. In my twenties, I was still the people pleaser. Now I was just pleasing my principal and fellow teachers. It took me a year or two to learn to say "NO" to various things I was volunteered to do.

I got married when I was 30. We moved from Oklahoma to Alaska, leaving everything I had ever known. Thank goodness for the good friends we made there. I also had two babies in two years. Now that will make life interesting. It was then that I finally learned to stop trying to please everybody. I also figured out I might not ever fit back into those pre-baby clothes. My body is definitely curvier in places it didn't used to be curvy. But I can find and wear clothes that fit my body and look good. Clinton and Stacy (from What Not to Wear) are fountains of info! A good under garment (as Stacy and Clinton would say) is not something to skimp.

So, slowly, over the past years I have learned to realize while I might not be perfect, I am alright and I have some great bras!

I've learned Husband is the only person who has seen me at my worst, smelled my "morning breath", put up with  my crazy relatives, endured my quirky overly organized anal habits/tendencies and still loves me more than anybody else on Earth.  Thank you Husband for loving me!

Here’s what I want you to do for my birthday. Send someone an e-mail and tell them how much you appreciate them, or love them. Do it right now. Then tell me about it in the comments. That’s what I want. It’s my birthday so you have to do it.

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday, missy! I'm turning 40 next month and can relate to so many of your points. I still can't believe I'm turning 40...am I mature enough for that?

As for your birthday gift- a few years ago I sent a letter to my best friend's parents (best friend while growing up anyway) and told them how much they meant to me as a second set of parents. It was such an amazingly warm and fuzzy feeling, nothing else like it! :)