Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I <3 fall And Tuesdays Oct 2010

I , originally uploaded by tommiea1.

Current Scent: = all time favorite candle...Root mulled cider + pumpkin spice = at the same time..... best fall scent of all time

What I am reading: that would require some free time...so it has to be whatever textbooks and pacing calendar are on the Oklahoma pacing calendar.

Newest music: Teenage Dream....Katy Perry!

Movie I saw: Jacka$$ 3D....yes, I paid extra for the glasses to see faux peni$es flying at me! Thank you Ashlee and E!

Something Yummy: .. always pumpkin chocolate chip muffins ...

Something that made me cry: most Sundays at 4...if you know me, you know where I am. I pretty much grab 4-5 tissues as I walk in. while I know it is a process, it still hurts. i still cry every single freakin' time

Something that made me laugh: O telling a joke she thought was hilarious: "how do you wake up Lady Gaga? .....O says, "you Poke Her Face" ......Tell me, you laughed too!

Something I look forward to in November: being stronger, realizing all WILL be okay

Something that I will remember in October: My baby girl turned six....life goes on....

Something that I am thankful for: family, friends, a job...and a deep desire to continue no matter where my life path leads..because i will live a life with no regrets

A photo i took this month:
this one.....a lone leaf on the sidewalk to the bus ramp....the bus ramp i man every day in the morning as well as the afternoon..

i heart fall.....and