Tuesday, February 15, 2005

February 1, 2005

Hey there all! This has been a week chock full of laundry. It all started on Thursday morning with Will getting sick. I orginally thought I had given him spoiled milk....yep, that is right, Mother of the Year right here! He got really sick and that started the first load of laundry. The next day I got sick too......so I am thinking, maybe I wasn't feeding our child bad food, maybe it is the flu. Again, more loads of laundry......Then on Sunday, Mike got sick. Okay, now I am convinced I am not the bad mom on the block feeding rotten milk to her kid! Yeah, I am redeemed....sick as a dog....but redeemed. Livi is the only one that didn't get sick....but then again, all she gets is momma milk. So, finally, it is Monday evening, I am finally caught up on all the laundry, and we are all feeling much better. It made for a very long weekend!
Here is a picture of Mike and Livi. You can tell she isn't missing many meals. She is a wonderful little girl who sleeps from 6:30 or so until 8AM!! I start checking on her if she sleeps later than this. I haven't slept more than a six hour stretch since the summer 2002 (before being prego with Will).

Here is a picture of Will trying to eat salsa....we had some burritos or something Mexican for dinner. The salsa was sitting by my plate. After dinner, while I was cleaning up, he climbed onto my chair. He thought he would help himself. He got his spoon and scooped some up. It was mild, and he thought it was okay. He loves ketchup, so I thought he might like it. Again, I am grabbing my camera to capture these Kodak moments instead of running to his aid. But doesn't he look just adorable??

Well, I hope you all are having a great week....love and miss y'all!

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Hey there all....how's your week going? We are doing pretty good. I took the kids to the Oakland Zoo on Wednesday. Yes, I drove up I-680 to get there! People here drive like maniacs, but we lived to tell about it. Here is a picture of the kids....It is a fairly small zoo. It was so nice out, we had a great time. No, I didn't put any sunscreen on Livi! I learned my lesson. But she was covered from head to toe with clothes. Her little chubby face is the only thing sticking out from her jacket! When Will saw the animals, he would make a mooing sound. I tried to tell him they weren't cows. Then again, what sound does an elephant make?? He kept making growling sounds too...we see llamas on the way to the grocery store here. Mike told him that llamas growl....so whenever we ask, "What sound does a llama make?" Will will growl...it is hilarious! Here is a zoo pic of the kids:

Around Christmas time, Will started shoving things down his shirt. At Christmas, it was bows. At my aunt Rose Mary's house, (where we went to Christmas) he was taking all the bows off presents and shoving them down his shirt. I don't know why, but several times a day I have to clean out his shirt. He is wearing shirts with snaps at the bottom because if he has a regular one on he can get to his diaper and undo it....I have changed way too many outfits to deal with that on a regular basis! Anyhow, here is a picture of it:
Oh my day is never boring! Who knows what you will find in there. Lately it has been the bbq tools and food from his little Fisher Price grill. You know they have been in there way too long when they are warm when you pull them out! He has even taken a nap with some of them in his shirt. I thought I had done a through cleaning out of the shirt before I had laid him down....guess not!
Livi is still her pleasant little self....here is an adorable picture of her:
Mike and I went on our first date alone this past Friday. We went to an awesome place here in Pleasanton called Haps. We had reservations at 7:15....the kids are in bed by 7, so they babysitter was basically just downstairs watching TV...once the kids are in bed, they don't wake up until the morning....Livi has been waking up at 4AM for a brief feeding, but then she is back to sleep until 8AM or so. Well, at 8:30 the babysitter called. She wondered where the bottle was for Livi.....I didn't pump since she never wakes up....I couldn't believe she even woke up! So we finished our dinner quickly, got dessert to go, and headed home. But we did have a good two hours, not bad for the first time out without the kids. As soon as we got home, I snuggled Livi, and let her comfort nurse for just a minute or so....and she was back to sleep! But the brief evening was very nice!

Hope all is well with y'all....love and miss you,

Monday, February 07, 2005

Tuesday February 7, 2005

Hey there all....we are finally all well....yeah! Livi eventually got sick too. Aren't we nice that we shared our germs??
I took Livi to have her pictures made. Here is my favorite:
She is such a happy little girl. She must be going through a growth spurt this last week. She wakes around 4 AM to eat and goes right back to sleep. She then gets up around 8. It is so nice!

We discovered that we have a farmer's market downtown every Saturday. I thought that they had stopped for the winter. We went down there this last Sat. We bundled the kids (the weather was around 50 degrees), and put them in the double stroller. It was kind of fun! Since we love to cook, it was nice to be able to get such fresh produce. We scoped out what we will probably be getting every weekend now!
Other than that, it has been a rather slow week. Oh yeah, did you know that you aren't supposed to put sunscreen on a baby younger than 6 months?? Well, I did not, even though it is clearly marked on the bottle. Here is a picture of Olivia's face from this week:

We went for a walk around the neighborhood, halfway though the walk, Will dropped his sunglasses. When I bent down to pick them, I noticed her face. I had put sunscreen on her before we left. I raced home and washed her face off. When it continued to swell I gave her a little Benydryl. It finally went down about 3 hours later. Yep, mother of the year...right here!
Hope all is well with you,