Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday fill in

1. I love my ...!

2. Looking in the mirror, I see ...!

3. The best thing that happened to me this week was ....

4. ... is one of my favorite things to do!

5. I always have a good time ....

6. I'm looking for ... this weekend.

7. "Oh, I'm bein' followed by a ...".

1. I love my car....I still do double takes when I am looking for it in a parking lot!

2. Looking in the mirror, I see my roots! I have a hair appointment in the AM.

3. The best thing that happened to me this week was hanging onto my sanity for one more week! Only six and half months to go!

4. Lately blogging has been one of my favorite things to do! Like cheap therapy to write things down....even if most of it is fluff!

5. I always have a good time at our Saturday neighborhood get-togethers. Again, helps preserve the sanity to be around other adults. I mean I love going to music, library and gymnastics...but so much of that can make a woman crazy!

6. I'm looking forward to the Video Teleconference this weekend with Husband! We only get ten minutes, but no one is after us, so we might get 20! Whew hoo!! The kids love to talk to daddy on the "big tv". I know he only left two weeks ago...but MAN, those two weeks have seemed like forever. We are finally starting to get back to the "it's-just-us" routine.

7. "Oh, I'm bein' followed by a toddler and another one right behind her. Non-stop, well non-stop until 8PM when they are in bed sleeping (or recharging in their case). I take this time to blog, watch total fluff tv, and veg!

Oh yeah, I saw this fill in thing at

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stuff Portrait Fridays- BEHIND

Kristine at Random and Odd. has a new challenge for this week .....insert drum roll here....BEHIND....take it how you want it....

just a few definitions:
be·hind –preposition
1. at or toward the rear of: Look behind the house.
2. not keeping up with, later than; after: behind schedule.
3. in the state of making less progress than: We can't afford to fall behind our competitors.
4. on the farther side of; beyond: behind the mountain.
5. originating, supporting, or promoting: Who's behind this program?

That big orange one is the one I am chosing to post about today....I give you my behind.

Tuesday Updates started when I had Will. He was born on a Tuesday. I kept a weekly scrapbook of him. It is a small 6X6 album. Each week I would take a picture of something big that happened. The page of him and Husband below was the first time he had ever said dad. I was changing his diaper, Husbandwalked in from work and peeked his head in his room, and Will said, "Hey, Dad!" He was about 6 months old!! Since I already had the pictures, I would email friends and family near and far of our precious little boy. Yes, every Tuesday I emailed the subject line I would put "Tuesday Update". Will was the first grandchild on Husband's side. They live in OH, we were in OK. So these weekly emails were just a little something so they could keep in touch with us.

So, when Livi was born, I started one for her. I had great intentions. I took a million pictures a week. Yes, I had two kids under 16 months of age...but I kept up with it for the most part.

Then we moved from CA to KS...only there a year....then moved again to now my poor baby girl is now almost 2 1/2. Here is the final entry in her Saturdays with Olivia.

Can you read that down in the corner?? Nope....look a little closer..

Yes, my dear friends, that says "thirty-five weeks"...almost nine months. So I am behind not just a little bit.....BUT nearly two years!! I had big plans of catching up while Mike was deployed...but yeah right, that is so not happening!! So, maybe when she is in preschool I will finally have time.....until then.

happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: t?? toad, tutu, telly...I am going with toes.

This week for Wild Card Wednesday I decided to go with a theme of "T" ....brought to us by she who plays with Peeps, so funny, you have to go read. This is her new game instead of Way Back Wednesday. .

without further ado, I give you Tommie's toes.
On Tuesdays I have a wonderful babysitter...big girl Agabell as the kids call her....come over while I go get some "I-need-some-alone-time-so-I-don't-lose-my-sanity" time. I usually go get some lunch with the girls at fun places like
the wildfire in Georgetown or shopping, or my favorite...just to get a pedicure. My friend was sick, so I headed over to get my little pedicure. I don't think she understood me when I was trying to tell her I wanted a little flower on the big toe. I was too scared I would end up with hooker toes, so I left....

By hooker toes I mean...once I got little flowers, but she had all this sparkly wings flying from them with little rhinestones along the flames....yep, pick me up on second street!

Back to my toes....while I was trying to take a pic, Livi had to come in and put her two cents....or her two feet in the picture as well. Can you tell that not only does she look exactly like me, but she has my honkin' long toes as well?
Standing in front of me wasn't good enough, so we sat on the step stool and tried this shot....

Did you play??

Monday, March 26, 2007

I Spy....two kids in the rain

The skies opened up last night around the kids' bedtime and haven't let up yet! So rather than be cooped up in the house, we threw on some rain boots, headed out in the rain (more of a mist at this point), and had some fun. Yes, there are two kids on the play structure.....but I wasn't getting close enough to see you see them?

See how green the grass is....some neighbors have already started mowing their lawn. I tried mowing ours, but I am way too much of a wimp! Hire that lawn boy and pay him well. The going rate is a little less than $50.....every ten days, some kid could be raking it in. I know about seven wives on my street alone that would hire one in a heartbeat!..

No, Will does not have on a dress.....Yes, he has "naked legs"....I swear that boy never has pants on. After his rest/quiet time, he never put them back on. As he was swinging over the spot Livi is looking at, he would stomp his feet in a little puddle of water. It was kind of funny, since he is not the one to get dirty!!

Happy Muffin Monday....on today's menu: Oatmeal with muscat raisins. Livi ate about 4 of them....I guess she liked them. Will, not so much. They had molasses in them, so they were very rich.

Will was trying to make a face....this is what he managed. Can you see Livi with a muffin in each hand? She was worried Will would eat them all before she could get another!!

Mission Accomplished

Saturday was a beautiful Okie-living-in-Texas speak that mens it wasn't already 90 degrees with 80 % humidity! So the kids and I got down and dirty, filled some planters, and put the leftovers in the bed in front of the porch. It has some mums in it, so we just filled in with some annuals.

Will is very sensitive to texture and is not one to get his hands dirty. So he sat back and blew some bubbles. When he put this shirt on this morning, he pointed to it and said, ""! It is from a song Mike sings to him from Sesame Street I think. Anyhow, I guess all that Montesorri preschool is paying off. He amazes me at some of the things he already knows.

Now Livi is the one to be digging in dirt and jumping in mud puddles.....all the while wearing a "princess dress". She was actually pretty helpful. I don't know if the flowers will live as she was man-handling them while planting. But it not, she had fun and is still talking about her "purpur" flowers.

Can you see the dark brown little spots?? There really are some more little flowers there.

This one turned out very well I think. I hope that moss lining thing holds up. Last year I had one of those plastic ones in there. I really wanted to find some of that live mossy stuff to line it, but I couldn't find any of here in big Texas.

This one is one Livi did all by herself. I think I defintely will have to put that one in something else. It seems to low for that liner thingy. The opening is kind of crescent shaped, so I would have to probably put a square one it in.....

Oh well, it all turned out great. We got the potting mix cleaned up, porches swept, and everything put away before the kids were ready to eat and crash!

happy Monday, y'all!

Friday, March 23, 2007

are you right or left brained??

You Are 75% Left Brained, 25% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

my poor wonder I have to really work on making a point of doing "ooyey gooey Friday"....I want dogs, reading and you really think I am getting QUIET with a two and three year old??? Especially with a two year old who even talks in her sleep!!! I am logical....oh well...

this is a good reminder to RELAX, they are just babies!!

note to self: read this later, you will need it!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - two....

I know it is not Friday yet....but I have time Kristine at Random and Odd. new challenge for this week is .....insert drum roll here....TWO. So my two includes: two projects that I need to get done this weekend..

While Mike was home, hanging this planter was on his "honey do" list. Now it is just begging for some flowers. I was waiting until the spring soltice to finally put some flowers in it. Some old man told Mike that it would freeze one more time here around the 20th....

I don't usually put much thought into statements like that, especially since it has already been nearly 90 degrees on several occasions. But, in the back of my mind I was wondering if he knew something I didn't! Remember what happened the last time it iced over here......My poor little flowers never recovered. There is another urn like this on the other side of the garage. The little tree in it has some brown leaves in the center, so I think it might be dead. The flowers have long been pulled out. After the ice thawed, they looked like lettuce does when it gets to cold in the veggie drawer.
This is another fun planter that I got at the prisoner store in Leavenworth. Yep, some convicted felon crafted that little doozy with his own little criminal hands. It has started to get that rusty patina I so love. My little ladybug kevlar (or it is styrofoam, not sure what the training one is called) is looking a little dusty. I guess she needs a bath this weekend too. I saw one of these ladybeg helmets when Mike and I first got married. He made this one for me just before he left.
The final place begging for some color is this little patch between the porch and the front yard. These mums and some other things came back after I hacked all the dead stuff off.

So tomorrow after I drop Will off, I guess Livi and I will head over to Home Depot or Lowes and get some flowers. I can bet Livi will want anything "purpur", it is still her favorite color. The kids and I will be getting down and dirty this weekend...okay technically that is three places that need flowers, but who is counting??

Did you play?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday: W.....wash or laundry? What do you call it?

It was "Wild Card Wednesday" over at TKW's I had to put my thinking cap and come up with a "W" word....

*I could do Will...that one is pretty obvious...but most pictures have him giving me the hand. So nope...not Will.

*I could do wine....I actually already have some pics of a glass I took the other day while Husband was still home.

*Then I thought about the laundry or the wash....what do you call it??

So why am I taking a picture of the iron? Because when I was ironing the WASH this week, I got all hormonal and started crying.
What could possibly bring a sane woman (well, sane on most days)...maybe I should say a grown tears? This was near the bottom of the iron pile. Mike's shorts. I got all weepy and sad because I won't have to iron his shorts for another seven months! I am pretty much caught back up with all the laundry from when he was home. All of the clothes he wore and now washed and put away. Some are even ironed. I thought about just hanging them up wrinkled but then I just felt sad again.

I did leave one tshirt that he wore while he was home under his pillow. It still has a little bit of a smell. I know pretty soon all the smell will be gone and it will then just be a dirty shirt. But for now I pick it up and sniff it before falling asleep.

Who knew I was so sappy??

Sunday, March 18, 2007

just trying to stay busy.....

Just trying to stay busy

Here is a typical picture of Will these days.....hand up (talk to the hand is what I hear when he does this!! )

He is doing a typical Montessori-like "work" while Livi is napping. He has "quiet time" now that he is "no, I am not three....I am 'almost FOUR'." Like there is a significant difference in his little world. These are the same foam shapes we threaded in patterns not too long ago. The mini muffin pan is the same one we use on Muffin Monday! Note the tongs: getting in some fine motor skill practice...note the anal color scheme of the color wheel in the pan....yep...he might look just like Mike BUT he has my anal tendencies!! Not sure why I am strutting around like a proud peacock parent here, I think that is something he learned at school!

So, on to our other fabulous activities this weekend: Big Bouncy Things here in BIG ARMY TOWN, TEXAS. I saw this thing in the paper that looked fun to do.....I called the couple of moms in Livi's playgroup and asked if they wanted to meet us there on Friday. One mom asked me how much it this point in our lives, (Mike just left and we are looking for things to do...I DID NOT CARE!!) I was shocked when the attendant man asked for $21 and change for two toddlers....but we need some DISTRACTIONS!!! Dang, I should have brought my socks, I could have bounced too!!

The kids had so much fun!! Livi mainly like the huge ball pit. But did venture out to some with climbing walls and slides.

Will jumped right in but see the hand......even sliding down a twenty foot drop he manages the "talk to the hand" pose!

See how high this thing is.....yes, I am only 5'2" but is pretty high!!

We only stayed a couple of hours then it was time for naps! They were worn out. I was glad because I needed some quiet time to clean and prepate for this..........
I hosted a Southern Living at Home party. Now I am all about the parties....Pampered Chef, Longaberger, Stampin Up, Gold Canyon Candles, you name it, I have either been to it or hosted one. But until I moved here I had never heard of this one I went to a party in January and was sucked in

..... But I wanted one of I had a party so I could get it free!! I cleaned like a mad woman, prepped some awesome appetizers, and made a raspberry lemonade.

Tomorrow is the end of Spring Break and back to the ole same old thing......

happy Sunday y'all!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - your letters

Since Mike left today I need a distraction. The kids are in bed, the kitchen has its shiny sink, so I have time to play..... I know it's not Friday yet, oh well.... SPF today, hosted by Kristine at Random and Odd.

These are the letters I love best. Letters from Husband....he is so good about writing a letters. I get one at least 4 days a week. Some time a few days go by then I will get three or four in one day. I love walking across the street (we have one of those community boxes for half the neighborhood just across from our house), giving will the "golden key" to open out box, and hoping to see one of plain white letter-sized envelopes with his handwriting on it.
Being as anal as I am, I don't rip it open right there. I go inside, pour me an ice cold diet Dr Pepper, neatly open it across the top (not on the side like I do bills)with a letter opener, and sit and really enjoy the letter. It is usually just a simple note of how he is doing or something that reminded him of us that day. Sometimes I cry and try not to let the kids see me crying, other times I just crack up just like I would if he were walking in the door at the end of the day.
Except I know he is not walking in and this is all that I have to hang onto until .....
the next day that I walk out to the mailbox.....
with the "golden key".
Did you play??
happy thursday, almost friday.

see you in October

We dropped Mike off at the airport super early this morning. We dragged the kids out of bed at 6 ....Will was awake but very quiet. True to Livi form she woke right up and started chatting. To help distract the kids today we got them each a daddy-is-leaving again present. He gave them to them last night so he could see them play with them for just a bit. Livi got the little green lawn chair she is sitting on as well as the wooden birthday cake set for her kitchen. She has been singing Happy birthday to everyone! It has six candles, so for now, both she and Wil can have the right amount of candles. I love these little wooden play sets. Yes, some of them has little chew marks, but overall they are very sturdy.
Will got the little blue lawn chair and a new train for his Geotrax set. This one lights up on the inside. He hasn't stopped smiling since he got it. Finally, just a cute cheese ball pic of Livi and Mike. Last night we just had a quiet night....the kids had a picnic in the living room so they could sit in their new chairs. We ate a snacky dinner of stuffed mushrooms and crab cakes.

I am trying to not be the big cry baby today. But I have to admit when I run across Mike's flip flops in the living room or his wet towel hanging up, I do get misty eyed.

I am not going to even think these next seven months will go fast. The first five were rough, but we managed. Will is on spring break this week, so we are just going to hang out and try to get back to our routines. The weather is beautiful here so we will do some good outside sunshine time.

happy thursday y'all!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great day in Austin....

We went to the Austin Children's Musuem today. We lucked on and got rock star parking at a meter on the next block! Whew hoo, you know things are going to go well when you get good parking. The kids had a blast. It is spring break here so it was super crowded. But the kids had fun doing everything from trains, to building, crafts.
About five minutes after we left the house I realized I didn't have my camera....!! So no pics.
Around noon time we packed up and headed to Pappadeaux....the finest Cajun seafood place ever! Again, great rock star parking, life is good. Of all the things Mike wanted to while home on R&R, going to Pappadeaux's was it! Livi even tried some fried alligator tails. It was deep fat fried with a crisy coating what's not to love. At the end of the meal, no one was overly stuffed. So we ordered desserts. The kids shared an oreo cookie mousse. I couldn't believe Will ate all of his half!! Finally we were stuffed and started home.
Just as we got the second child buckled in, large raindrops started plopping down....which soon turned to a downpour! Overall, an excellent day....good food, good fun, all with family.
We are trying to enjoy our last couple of days together. He had to run up to the store, so I had a minute to blog. Mike leaves super early on Thursday. I don't think I am going to wake the kids to take them. Kind neighbor J said she could come over. I think I might take her up on it.
It is hard to believe he has been home for two weeks.
happy tuesday y'all!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Your turn: Looking beyond the immediate, what do you see?

From a blog that I read :

He asked this simple question.....Looking beyond the immediate, what do you see?

So I started searching through some old pics I had already hosted on yahoo.....and came across this one Mike sent me earlier this year. Just glancing at it, it looks like a tank over there where he is...but do you see the little gnome? I didn't at first...I guess that is what makes it so funny.
I am trying to find funny here because in a few short days he will be going back until OCT07. I know this is a necessary thing for him to do, but it still hurts.
hope you found a little funny is this pic...
happy sunday.

happy missed birthdays....husband style

Happy Birthday to us.....or to all the birthdays Husband will miss.

For as long as I have know Mike, he has asked for this cake for his birthday. It is a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake. Needless to say it has become a kid favorite as well. We made this Saturday evening with dinner. Sunday morning the kids asked for it for breakfast...I don't think so! Even if it was a Cosby episode.
We each put in a candle for the birthdays Mike will miss. Hopefully he will be back before Livi's birthday in mid October. He left on the 8th, so I am hoping for an early October return.

Make a wish!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday - Luggage

It’s my veg night, so I have time now and might on Friday so that means it’s another “Stuff Portrait Friday” hosted by our lovely Kristine over at
This week’s theme is “Your luggage”

Want to see how much stuff is needed for just three people....two kids and one adult to take a long weekend trip home to my mom's in big Cache America, a mere 5 1/2 hours away?

*luggage for Liv

*luggage for Will

*luggage for me

*snacks for all

*our own pillows....far be it they sleep without the "big dogs"

*unlimited amount of movies for kids

This was the first trip I had taken once Mike had deployed. I wasn't sure how I would do driving alone with the kids. I know I blogged about this, but this was the time that we got locked in a bathroom in PODUNK, TX!! lovely.....

Of course my new favorite bag/luggage/diaper bag. I got this adorable bag at Gap recently. It has the necessary things needed to lug around two toddlers....diapers, wipes, snacks, Bobbi Brown lipstick (I don't have to always look like a haggard mom!) I got it at our regular Gap, but on the website it is in the maternity section, so I guess it really is a diaper bag. I saw it one night and went home WITHOUT it....I kept thinking about it, so I went back to get it the next day! I am so glad, I LOVE IT!!

Now go ahead and play… and let me and Kristine know about it!