Monday, August 30, 2010


bracelet, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

oh where oh where do i start....

i have neglected this little blog of mine for way too long. i have this fun Hipstamatic app on my phone, so I have been taking some fun pics, since i believe all blog posts should include a photo...i might have something to blog.





while the focus of this shot appears to be the outdoor funiture..(which I am glad to say finally has its cushions on it. those cushions were some of the last boxes i unpacked!)

but it is the colorful bracelet i was trying to take a funky shot of......this bracelet has become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. it matches most of my wardrobe, everything from a white T and shorts to that cute aqua dress i wore to the Smith's change of command.

"I always say that I don't want to be sentimental, that the photographs shouldn't be sentimental, and yet, I am conscious of my sentimentality. " - Robert Frank

it is this "conscious" that brought me to take a picture of something as simple as a bracelet. i love the way it feels as it slips around my it gently swings around my wrist all day. the clasp is a toggle that has two little beads on it. reminds me of little fish eyes. i remember the day i bought it and what an awesome day it was. it's cute and fun..




two things i need in my life now.

happy monday

Thursday, August 19, 2010

with this sunset

with this sunset, originally uploaded by tommiea1.

in the morning, i am going back to work as a school teacher.

i am trying to maintain a calmness instead of the restlessness that i have struggled with all week. teacher friends have been the best....old ones from my old central (go cougars) to the new ones at pioneer park. without these fellow girlies, i would still be in my room getting things ready.

so with this life change, i am choosing to be calm...

and in the words (facebook status) of one of my OU roomies, a kindergarten teacher in norman:..yes, Mrs. Amy D'Agostino

"to all of my teacher (and principal) friends: I wish you a wonderful first day!

to all of my student friends: good luck and have fun!

to all my parent friends: tears and simultaneous applause is perfectly understandable!"

happy night before school y'all

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fresh pedi with BFF Traci: "I'm Really Not A Waitress"

when a bestie tells you your feet in dire need of a pedi....

you don't hesitate to make time to go get them done

wearing "Im Really Not A Waitress"

and i'm not...








happy saturday